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History of Christian Thought

Course Description

RH 3440 History of Christian Thought surveys the significant theologians, ideas, and movements from the earliest Christian communities through the Reformations, focusing primarily on the Western Church. Students will survey the global history of Christian thought, from the apostolic period through the Reformations (17th century). It is primarily a course on historical theology. Thus, it focuses on key persons, movements and doctrines that have shaped the varied expressions of the Christian faith, with the intent of drawing out methodological implications for doing theology today. It also investigates the socio-economic and political backdrop of the history of theology, scrutinizing especially the church!s cooperation with, and resistance to, impe- rialism and oppression. Intentionally global in its contours, the course explores the church's rich theological wellspring for doing ministry in today!s globalizing, pluralistic milieu. The course is required for MDiv and MA students.

Professor Morales' Required Texts

General Books and Resources