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Study Spaces

Virtual Study Hall (Starting Fall 2024)

7:00pm to 10:00pm Mondays and Thursdays


Join by clicking the following Zoom Meeting ID:


How do I join the Virtual Study Hall?

CTS students can connect every Tuesday and Thursday via Zoom on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop). 

How can the Virtual Study Hall help me?

The Virtual Study Hall will use the Pomodoro Technique, a study hack to help divide and conquer work assignments. The Pomodoro Technique can help increase concentration, promote productivity and decrease procrastination.  Working collectively, even if silently, can help improve focus on the tasks and get stuff done. Online students who use the Pomodoro Technique find that it is helpful tool to focus and manage time.

How does it Work?

Come with specific tasks to complete. A timer will be set for 25 minutes where you will work on your tasks followed by a 5 minute productivity break. During the break, you can catch-up and check-in with one another or take a body break before the next 25 minute work period. After four "pomodoros" you can take a 15 minute break. A student facilitator will manage the timer, and convene the check-in during breaks. If you find yourself to be stuck or distracted use the break to brainstorm with your colleagues.

Can I use the Virtual Study Hall for group projects or to hang-out?

Yes! A few breakout rooms will be available for students who wish to work on a group project, or simply share virtual space with one another.

Group Study Rooms

There are several group study rooms that are offered on a first-come-first served basis. Priority will be given to groups of 2-5 people requiring study space. Reservations for a group study room can be made by emailing the Learning Commons.

MacLean Family Reading Room

The Reading Room offers comfortable surroundings that are designated as a silent study area. There are plenty of electrical outlets to power your devices. 

Scholar-in-Residence Study Carrels

Doctoral students in the pre-candidacy and candidacy stages of their degree can apply to the Scholar-in-Residence program which provides year-long access to dedicated workstations in the MacLean Family Reading Room. This study space will support doctoral students in their individual work while allowing them to gather for formal and informal meetings, thereby facilitating collaboration, improving communication, and encouraging comradery.

Storage Lockers

 The Learning Commons has storage lockers for PhD and DMin students. PhD and DMin students can request a locker from the circulation desk. All materials in one’s locker must be checked out.