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Tools for citing your sources


NoodlesTools is a nice tool that will guide you through the process of building a full reference to a book. Once you've entered all the information, it can export your bibliography as a Word document or you can cut-and-past footnote formats. Click here for NoodleTools to make a bibliography.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

The Chicago Manual of Style is extremely useful and can answer any questions about writing you may have. Click on the line above to view online.

Simplified information about The Chicago Manual of Style can be found at the Purdue Online Writing Lab here: Purdue OWL

Print resources:


  • Zotero is a "free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.
  • Follow this link to download Zotero for Firefox or as a stand-alone software.
  • This link gives a quick overview of Zotero.

Online Resources for Writing

  • Writers Guide : A guide to academic writing from the Purdue Online Writing Lab

Guidelines to Capstone Projects

Ph.D Dissertation Guideline

  • Download the Guideline. PDF
  • Download the Title Page PDF or WORD

Doctor of Ministry Professional Paper Guideline

  • Download the Guideline. PDF 
  • D.Min title page sample.  WORD
  • D.Min in Preaching title page sample. WORD

Master-level Thesis Guideline

  • Masters level requirements are the same as those for Doctor of Ministry. PDF
  • S.T.M. title page sample. WORD
  • M.A. title page sample. WORD

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