CTS Publications

Dissertations & Theses Indexes

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): 1985-Current
Doctor of Ministry in Preaching (DMin in Preaching): 1996-Current
Doctor of Ministry (DMin): 1973-Current
Master of Sacred Theology (STM): 2003-Current
Master of Arts (MA): 1937-Current
Master of Arts in Religious Leadership (MARL): 2013-Current
Doctor of Theology (ThD): 1971-1981
Master of Arts in Religious Education (MARE): 1965-1975
Bachelor of Divinity (BD): 1895-1970
Master of Divinity (MDiv): 1971-1977


Digitized CTS Publications

Challenge & Response is published semi-annually by the Office of Advancement, beginning in 2012.

CTS Tower News was Chicago Theological Seminary’s Alumni Magazine from 1982 until 2012.
The CTS President’s Newsletter

The Chicago Theological Seminary President’s Newsletter served as the alumni magazine from the 1960s until 1982.

The CTS Prophet was a student publication offered weekly during the semester for several years.

CTS Course Catalogues (1859-1892): A collection of the Chicago Theological Seminary’s annual course or academic catalogs, spanning the seminary’s entire history.

CTS Year-Book (1892-1928): A collection of the Chicago Theological Seminary’s annual announcements related to the seminary’s degree programs, alumni, board, faculty, and students.


Other CTS Publications

CTS Quarterly (1901-1905): The annual announcements issues are included above under the CTS Year-Book collection

CTS Register (1908-2007): The annual announcements issues will be included online soon.