Master of Arts in Religious Education: 1965-1975

Chicago Theological Seminary MARE in Preaching Theses


  • Ito, Satoko. Atonement in the community of pre-school children. (1965)
  • Goldberg, Patricia Jane. Creative activities and groups: an action approach to community. (1967)
  • Jiboku, Simon Olumuvyiwa. Hegel: a comparison between his philosophy of history and the Israelite notion of salvation history. (1967)
  • Wood, Bob R. Toward a theological understanding of freedom. (1968)
  • Ikenberry, Ann Hunter. Day care: a ministry of the church in a changing society (1971)
  • Bartram, William R. Education for today’s youth and tomorrow’s world: an approach to enabling fully functioning existence through the learning process (1973)
  • Cramton, Harriet Haseltine. A small pilgrim’s progress: a study of the gradual development of religious consciousness in childhood (1973)
  • Bell, Susan M. A study unit on the Eucharist (1975)