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Services for Students

  • Students at Chicago Theological Seminary are granted full use privileges of the Learning Commons and its resources.
  • Specific services include the ability to checkout books, utilize online databases, interlibrary loan and research assistance.
    • Students who are unable to come to the Learning Commons to pick up materials are not offered interlibrary loan services, as the material would likely have to be returned as soon as the material arrived at the student's home. We recommend contacting your local public library for interlibrary loans of books.
    • Students who cannot physically come to the Learning Commons are welcome to request interlibrary loans of articles or single chapters from books, as these do not have to be physically picked up.
    • CTS only has reciprocal borrowing and service arrangements with ACTS Libraries and the University of Chicago. Unless you know for certain a seminary library allows the general public to use their services, do not attempt to gain borrowing privileges at other seminaries, as it is a burden on that seminary's limited resources.
  • All students are given reciprocal borrowing privileges at the University of Chicago and the ACTS Libraries. For ACTS Library access, students will need to obtain a borrower card from the Lapp Learning Commons' office.
  • Off-campus database and ebook access is provided. Students, faculty, and staff can use their email username and password combination to access, i.e.:
    • If your name was John Doe and your email was, then your login username would be "jdoe" and the password used would be the same as you use to access your CTS webmail.
    • Do not put "cts\" before your username.
  • Email us at with your questions or concerns. If you are having difficulty accessing a specific resource, please try and describe what page you were on, what you were trying to access, and what web browser you are using.