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Here’s a quick reference guide to thousands of critical biographical entries on individuals who have contributed to the history of thought and philosophy. The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers makes is easy to discover a global history that covers a broad range of traditions, subjects, schools of thought, and regions.
Alongside the giants of philosophy you will encounter people from other intellectual domains: civil rights activists, classicists, clergymen, economists, mathematicians, novelists, poets, politicians and scientists who had something to say on topics that count as philosophical.

Now you can uncover those voices often neglected from traditional narratives. Extensive cross references and suggestions of related entries make it easier than ever before to explore a more diverse and richer history of philosophical thought.


Routledge Religion Companions, Handbooks and Worlds provide authoritative and dynamic overviews of core subjects and topics in religion, edited by leading academics in the field they include original pieces by an international spread of contributors. The Routledge Worlds cover substantial thematic surveys of key historical periods or cultures and explore interdisciplinary themes such as, sexuality, art, literature, science and technology, politics and global interactions. The Routledge Religion Companions and Routledge Handbooks in Religion series provide comprehensive overviews of major world religions, key religious texts, inter-religious relations, important religious concepts and religion in context.