Doctor of Theology: 1971-1981

Chicago Theological Seminary ThD Dissertations


  • Patte, Daniel. Early Jewish hermeneutic in Palestine (1971)
  • Sales, Richcard W. Love and anxiety: a study of the crisis in Zulu marriage with educational goals(1972)
  • Wagner, Murray L. The life and thought of Petr Chelcicky: a radical separatist in Hussite Bohemia(1973)
  • Sweeter, Thomas P. American Catholic survival: the crisis of American Catholic identity, present situation and future hope (1974)
  • Drayton, Rodney Dean. A Christian view of man within a Whiteheadian perspective (1977)
  • Schlabach, Ervin A. The rule of Christ among the early Swiss Anabaptists (1977)
  • Goba, Bonganjalo Claude. Doing theology in South Africa: a Black Christian perspective (1978)
  • Keitzar, Renthy-Soba. Translating the Hebrew Scriptures: a case study of some basic features(1979)
  • Hartford, Lincoln. A good tune: a dissertation on the phenomenon of Welsh hymn singing as it demonstrates the inherent relationship of worship and the arts (1981)