The Learning Commons


Doctor of Ministry in Preaching

(D.Min. in Preaching) 2014-

  • Lewis, Adam K. Beyond the benediction: spiritual growth from the shortened, unresolved sermon (2014)
  • Lindsey, David Brandon. Joy comes in the morning: explorint a poetic homiletic (2014)
  • Myers, John T. Core preaching (2014)
  • Scott, Judith. Through the portal: 'a picture is worth a thousand words' (2014)
  • Weaver, David Paul. Embracing seasons of spiritual transition (2014)
  • Weber, Christel Emma Anna. 'Refugees rescue the soul of the church': preaching that empowers a new ministry among refugees (2015)
  • Sykes, Michael G. Preaching and evangelism: reviving missional values to inspire church revitalization efforts (2015)
  • Riddick, Dwight. Preaching the grace of God as a means of inspiring life long community outreach (2016)
  • Wade, Aaron B. Preaching that empowers congregations to be catalyst of change in the community (2016)
  • Adams, Katherine. Finding our story in God’s story (2017)
  • Norman, Ronald K. Healthy preacher/ healthy preaching: towards a wholistic homiletic (2017)
  • Parker, Cindy. Spat from the fish's mouth: a journey from reluctance to assurance (2017)
  • Riddick, Dwight Shawrod. Sound preaching for shaky bridges: preaching as catalyst to transform laity into leaders in the church, community, and marketplace (2017)