The Learning Commons


Master of Arts (MA) theses, 2011 to Current


  • Blackmore, Brian. Pedagogy for speaking bodies: teaching from the religious studies classroom in public schools (2011)
  • Bohanan, Becky. Calling it "crappy sex": the influence of Christianity's heteronormativity in American culture (2011)
  • Byon Hyonju. An unnamed woman who ought to vanish to create a liberationist narrative: a postcolonial reading of John 7:53-8:11 (2011)
  • Calberg, Eric. Meeting the expectations of the Adama: early Israel's subsistence identity (2011)
  • Powell, Sharon L. The embodiement/(dis)embodiment of canon: maps, bodies, boundaries, and theological knowledge (2011)
  • Self, Jessica Kelly. In the shadow of the cross: consensually transgressing in worship settings (2011)
  • Mowry, Tyler. The Canaanite Bible: Or the curious case of the Palestinian Christian hermeneutics (2012)
  • Moulos, Kimberly. Dis-covering Daly under the cloak of essentialism: A multiplicitous and nonlinear perspectives on Mary Daly (2012)
  • Perry, Brock A. The Futurity of Queer Theology: Toward an effective approach to queerness and divinity (2012)
  • Keller, Katelyn. Zion's Strength: an analysis of the feminine Zion metaphors (2013)
  • Mitchell, Aram. A political soteriology of survival: apocalyptic maneuvers in the Good Lorde's plan for salvation (2013)
  • Ruoyu Xu (Echo). Walter Benjamin - "Aura" atmosphere and classic harmony (2013)
  • Bedar, Louie. Contemplating unconscious ethics and violence: a Maatian suggestion (2014)
  • Crum, Timothy Laden. Just say 'maybe!' to drugs: understanding the Episcopal Church and drugs through storytelling, history and scripture (2014)
  • Hairston, Sarah M. Reading against rape, reading for healing (2014)
  • Loring-Albright, Heather. Rocking the cradle: a relational analysis of domestic childcare work to inspire community innovation (2014)
  • Minnaar, Rachel. The responsibility of American graduate theological schools and seminaries to provide disability support services for students with Asperger Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (2014)
  • Scott, Jacob. Three seemingly disparate elements walk into a bar: the Queer eschatology of humor and stand-up comedy (2014)
  • Avino, Steve. The power of Christ: exploring the theology of Christian Ritual Magic (2015)
  • Alexander, Elizabeth 'Liz.' Black women, gun violence, and the Black Church: towards a theology and culture of safety (2015)
  • Garrett, Jamel. Theology on wax: identifying theological, sociopolitical, and cultural intersections between Hip Hop music and theology (2015)
  • Godwin, William Garard. What is "Religion"? religious diversity and the U.S. Supreme Court's Judeo-Christian definitional framework in Free Exercise Clause Jurisprudence 
  • Jo, Jae Seon. The overlap of the feast motifs of Passover and tabernacles in John (2015)
  • McKinney, Richard 'R' Marshall. Liminality: trans identity as God's identity (2015)
  • Birden, Donald L. The patenting and commercialization of Gympen™ (2016)
  • Birden, Marilyn. Establishing community banking within the United Church of Christ Illinois Conference (2016)
  • Burton, Ariel Shahar. Refracting lenses of liberation: women’s access to communal ritual in Jewish and Islamic law (2016)
  • Kim, Jin-Sun. Karl Rahner’s theology of art: on seeing as a religious act (2016)
  • Knight, Faatimah. Finding female personhood in Islamic texts on marriage (2016)
  • Lawrence, Lynda Holiday. Pedagogy of a global theological academy: taking the progressive response to the next level (2016)
  • Rose, Gregory. Wilderness as a pathway to the divine (2016)
  • Nuccio, Anthony. Reading the fife and thought of Dorothy Day today (2017)
  • Rodriquez, Gerardo. Mark 8:22-26 and the ayahu asca ceremony: an interpretation with ecological postcolonial and queer lenses (2017)
  • Stallworth, Dewayne R. Common religious heritage: ingenuity, enslavement and the African ideal of existential togetherness (2017)
  • Tuňon, Alvaro Enrique. Calvinism and common grace: finding tulips in God’s creation (2017)