The Learning Commons


Master of Arts (MA) theses


  • Henderson, Tolonda. Love ain't worried: amplifying the lesbian voice of womanist theology through the blues (2003) 
  • McCorn, Lester Agyei. A charge to keep: amplifying the lesbian voice of womanist theology through the blues (2003) 
  • Jimenez, Elena Maria. Sexual identity as constructed in and through text: slash fanfiction and writing communities (2005) 
  • Kotsko, Adam. Literature in secret: an impossible filiation by Jacques Derrida - translation and commentary (2005) 
  • Anderson, John E. Young adults and the contemporary protestant church : strategies for youth retention from the Taize community (2008) 
  • Chafen, Sandra J. Follow the leader (2008) 
  • Davey, Joshua. Postholiness: towards a renewed historical identity for the Church of God (Anderson, IN) (2008) 
  • Fernádez, Carlos R. What is it about the flesh? (2008) 
  • Roncolato, Carolyn. From power to presence: a theological examination of the doctrine of divine omnipotence in light of domestic and sexual violence (2008) 
  • Yoon, Deuk Hyoung. Theological reflection on pastors with compulsive personality disorder: a case study based on environments in Korea (2008)
  • Arthur, Kenneth. The queer Christ: recognizing ourselves in the divine (2009)
  • Bohanan, Adam S. Remarks by the president: religion and rhetoric in George W. Bush's service academy commencement addresses (2009)
  • Erickson, Jenna N. A coalesced creation: revisiting the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo in order to revive our water depths (2009)
  • Lane, Latanya. Animal connection: Genesis 37-38 (2009)
  • Remaly, Heather C. And they shall have dominion: animal suffering and Christian responsibility (2009)
  • Schroeder, Tasha. Thinness is next to Godliness: evangelical diet literature and eating disorders in women (2009)
  • Credit, Torrance. The last day: an examination of the Holy Qur'an and its connections to the Holy Bible (2010)
  • Damholt, Ronald J. Rightwiseness and justice: a tale of translation (2010)
  • Ewing, Stephanie. Revolutionary mysticism: how Christian mystical traditions can inspire liberation (2010)
  • Kolkmeier, James. Ritual in crisis/crisis in ritual (2010)
  • Lee, Sun Ok. Enhancing pastoral care for intercultural families: emerging challenges for the church (2010)
  • Scurlock, Quinton G. Biblical hermeneutics of the Black church: the shift from liberation to oppression (2010)