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Master of Arts (MA) Theses



  • Van Lissel, Carrie Elizabeth. A home-made standard stage for religious drama in the church (1937) 
  • Edgar, Robert A. Building a church school curriculum for high school students (1938) 
  • Guild, Frances Margaret. Family social work in two Chicago neighborhood houses (1938) 
  • Hadley, Grace Bradbury. Proposals for the initial training of vacation church school workers (1938) 
  • Manthei, Edward Frederick. A study of Congregational youth groups in the Chicago area (1938) 
  • Satterlee, Virginia Evans. A study of social work in thirty-one selected Protestant churches (1939) 
  • Wassenich, Ruth Siegfried. Prolegomena to a Christian aesthetic (1939) 
  • Watson, Winnifred. The religious values in the dramas of Eugene O'Neill (1939) 
  • Bird, Dorothy. Creative dramatics as a means of religious education for children (1940) 
  • Bond, Eleanor Margaret. Factors in the shift from the evangelistic approach to the educational and recreational approach in the program of the Bethlehem Community Center (1940) 
  • Joy, Adena. The arts among rural youth in some communities in Illinois (1940) 
  • Kagin, Julia Elizabeth. A study of the relation of worship experience to the intermediate age group (1940) 
  • Maddox, Jessie. Attitudes of the negro of the Lake Street area of Chicago toward the institutional life of the community (1940) 
  • Olmstead, Ruth Roberts. A study of personality problems in a rural community (1940) 
  • Vigars, Margaret Alice. A comparison of four interpretations of Christian ethics in terms of social problems (1940) 


  • Avery, Perry Dickinson. The function of the arts in religion (1941) 
  • Blair, Lois Faye. An experimental approach to the concept of God for the primary department (1941) 
  • Eastman, Frances. Becoming aware of God: a unit of study for high school people (1941) 
  • Huntington, Jeanette. Living with Juniors (1941) 
  • Morse, Evangeline. Creative dramatics as means of meeting the religious needs of children (1941) 
  • Williams, Jean Starr. A study of religious drama in certain churches of six Protestant denominations in the United States (1941) 
  • Jamison, Carnella LeEsther. Missionary education of the disinherited: foundations of missionary education for Negro Disciples (1942) 
  • Moore, Viola Lindblade. Three religious insights of Henrik Ibsen (1942) 
  • Murdock, Dorothy Marion. A survey of workers' education in the United States from a Christian viewpoint (1942) 
  • Ulrich, Frances. Teaching guide for Junior worship (1942) 
  • Williams, Palmer Day. A theory of worship in practice (1942) 
  • Broadbent, Evelyn Handy. The use of the dance in religious education (1943) 
  • Finke, Madge Axford. Methodist C.P.S. camp members: a study of growth (1943) 
  • Smucker, Mary Emily. Theories of curriculum construction as they apply to the church school (1944) 
  • Sprague, Ruth Louise. The use of biography in Christian education (1944) 
  • Beck, Mary Alice. Training leaders for a summer caravan: the workshop approach for leadership education in the local church (1945) 
  • Knight, Barbara. Hymnody for adolescents (1945) 
  • Ozaki, Shigeo. Dynamics for Christian education in group-life and leadership (1945) 
  • Walker, Everette L. Counseling relations of students and faculty members in five midwestern colleges (1945) 
  • Wiencke, Gertrude Pearl. Christian folk celebration as a medium for religious education (1945) 
  • Evans, Pauline Faye. Religious radio in the state of Oklahoma (1946) 
  • Greaves, Doris Gertrude. Length for adolescents (1946) 
  • Yoder, Colleen Sue. Communication incarnate: a Christian publication communicates itself. (1969) 
  • Kreml, Anne Lee. Understanding conflict in the normal family actualization (1970) 
  • Schwenke, John R. Training social workers in an era of ferment: with particular reference to social work education at the bachelor's degree level (1970)