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B.D. Thesis 1940-1959

Breen, F. William. The dramatic elements in the gospel of John (1940)
Clark, Henry Hagberg. Graham Taylor: a personality (1940)
Fretz, J. Winfield. A study of Mennonite religious institutions in Chicago (1940)
Gia Russo, Paul. Religious liberty in American law (1940)
Johnson, Edwin Clarence. A study of Pilgrim Church (1940)
Manes, Everett Earnest. The administrative problems in the adaptation of the local church problems (1940)
McEwen, Homer Clyde. The function of religious education in the Negro community (1940)
McKinley, Orland Allspaugh. The development of the Parousia concept in the New Testament (1940)
Myers, Russell Elmer. The Christian minister and modern marriage (1940)
Neal, Fred William. The reformation and democracy (1940)
Scaff, Alvin Hewitt. The history and interpretation of the doctrine of Christian vocation (1940)
Shideler, Emerson Wayne. From depression to war: the decade of the 1930's in the Christian Century (1940)
Woomer, George Quentin. The part of Jesus in Christian redemption according to Paul (1940)
Barry, David W. The relationship of the social gospel to the "settltement idea (1941)
Benson, Vernon E. F. Swedish theology as represented by Torsten Bohlin (1941)
Brodt, Robert D. A curriculum guide for the pastor's communicants' class (1941)
Ferguson, Alexander Brown. The parables of Jesus and their Rabbinic parallels (1941)
Frank, Melvin Lynn. The minister's use of formgeschichte (1941)
Keiser, Julian J. The implications of educational trends for curricula (1941)
Lawton, Walter Terrell. John as the successor of Paul at Ephesus (1941)
Meyer, Eugene Waldemar. The background of the thought content of the Johannine gospel (1941)
Ogawa, Seido. Plato, Philo, and the fourth (1941)
Old, Thomas C. The methodology and christology of William Temple and C.J. Cadoux (1941)
Palmer, Philip Wentworth. Development of Greek and Roman tales and legends paralleled in the gospel of John (1941)
Pennington, Phil. The vacation church school in the rural (1941)
Ronander, Albert Carl. The structure sources and significance of the conversion experience (1941)
Sanderson, J. Kent. A curriculum guide to the growth of church school leaders (1941)
Still, Edwin Willis. An effort toward the creation of Christian public-mindedness (1941)
Utterback, Glenn L. Early Christian worship and its use of symbols (1941)
Von Rohr, John Robert. New England Puritan ecclesiology, 1638-1648 (1941)
Baehr, Karl H. Secularization among the Mennonites (1942)
De Coursey, Don L. The Pharisees defend the Torah (1942)
Dickson, Ronald Warren. Dallas F. Billington: a fundamentalist, his work, method and results (1942)
Dorey, Frank D. Community turnover on the south side of Chicago: a study of the expansion of the Negro communities and their effects upon the white Protestant churches (1942)
Halstead, George William. John Wesley's doctrine of the church (1942)
Halverson, Marvin Pierce. The meaning of Luther's teaching on the unfree will (1942)
Heckman, Harold W. Basic factors in the relationship of churches and cooperatives (1942)
Jefferson, Oswald William. Patterns of religious thinking in the first century in relation to Paul's religion (1942)
Larson, Ernest S. The life and work of Carl Olof Rosenius (1942)
Loring, Herbert Rickard. Two one-act plays: "Small change" and "His light" (1942)
Moore, Robert Sutton. Christian eschatology and Whitehead's metaphysics (1942)
Munger, Bernard Vernon. Tractarian ecclesiology, 1833-1845 (1942)
Paff, Elmo Ray. Contemporary problems in the Christian view of history (1942)
Pendleton, Charles Lee. The development of individual responsibility in the Old Testament (1942)
Schug, Philip Charles. The Winnetka school system contributes to religious education Chicago, (1942)
Stoeve, Olaf. The relation of the novel to social reform as exemplified by Dickens and Steinbeck (1942)
Storms, Grace Elizabeth. Civilian Public Service camp life: a study of the democratic group (1942)
Akaka, Abraham. The aims and attainment of early New England Congregational worship (1943)
Allan, James Barr. Gospel criticism and the contribution of Dibelius (1943)
Aoki, Mitsuo. Natural law as a concept in Christian ethics (1943)
Baker, Gordon J. The communion service and the laity (1943)
Berger, William Ellsworth. The church and the military chaplaincy (1943)
Broadbent, Charles Duthie. The evangelistic message in the New Testament (1943)
Cole, Jordan David. Friends' relation with the Indians: with emphasis on Cattaraugus reservation (1943)
Dick, Thomas Chalmers. Man's confrontation of death (1943)
Kesselring, Ralph Adolph. Christian missions in Malaya (1943)
Parker, Everett C. The values, principles and methods of choral reading in the church (1943)
Smith, Jesse G. A strategy for the rural (1943)
Williams, Palmer Day. The kingdom of God and community (1943)
Bartholomew, Donald Irving. The demons and witches of medieval western Europe as cultural religious survivals (1944)
Boardman, Howard F. An organismic view of community: an educational approach (1944)
Bollinger, CArl J. A biography of Lewis Emerson (1944)
Danberg, Neil B. An analysis of a church situation: with special references to finances as an operative factor in its productivity and program (1944)
Dibden, Arthur James. The tragic sense of life and contemporary Christian theology (1944)
Elliott, Franklin Ruge. Art experience and Christian education: a study of the role of art experiences in the growth of Christian persons, with special application in the arts and crafts (1944)
Finley, Harold Marshall. The religious counseling of delinquent adolescent boys (1944)
Foltz, Carfon Eugene. Bringing unchurched parents into the Christian community (1944)
Garriott, Chris Troy. The role of public worship in a Disciples of Christ church (1944)
Hutslar, C. Frederick. Benjamin W. Robinson: interpreter of the New Testament (1944)
Riddle, Charles Wainwright. A study of the Kenwood (interdenominational)
church as a community-type church (1944)
Smith, Curtis Warren. A concept of church membership (1944)
Stanton, Lawrence L. A study of Protestant work among Mexicans in southern California (1944)
Adams, Roy Lee. The Protestant religious work in the five major penal and correctional institutions in Chicago (1945)
Berreth, Edwin Oscar. Settlement ideas for the church (1945)
Boxwell, Daniel W. The gospel of wealth in the American Protestant churches, 1890-1915 (1945)
Brown, Harold Glenn. Factors in the growth of the Disciples of Christ from 1832-1892 (1945)
De Mar Shimun, Sadook Yokhanan. A brief history of the Nestorian, or the church of the East (1945)
Fenner, Melvin Reid. How is God revealed in Christ? (1945)
Fitzpatrick, Mallary. Reinhold Niebuhr's use of the Bible (1945)
Gant, Charlotte Sistler. The religious values in the works of Thornton Wilder (1945)
Gant, Walter Hamilton. The language of religion (1945)
Grant, Ernest Clarence. The idealized self and its social setting (1945)
Grant, Robert Day. A study of Anglo-Catholic social doctrine (1945)
Hummon, Serge Floyd. A guide to the understanding and use of the projected still picture in religious education: with special emphasis upon the miniature slide and slidefilm (1945)
Klink, Thomas Wilbur. A religious orientation for pastoral theology (1945)
Koenig, Robert Emil. A comparison of the ideas of God of Brunner and Wieman viewed as reactions against nineteenth century liberalism (1945)
Marker, George Clifford. The First Congregational Church of Geneva, Illinois (1945)
Messersmith, Lauren Harry. The minister's relation to the funeral (1945)
Olson, Emerald L. How to get attendance for the new evangelism (1945)
Sampson, Thompson Sawyer. Rural religion in Half Day and Mundelein Chicago, (1945)
Schoonmaker, Theodore. The use of audio-visual aids in the development of appreciations in the field of religion (1945)
Spyker, Fred Bowers. The history and outlook of the Congregational Church of Sandwich, Illinois (1945)
Thomson, Leon. An introduction to the dynamics of purpose (1945)
Ubbelohde, Kenneth Harold. The "Kingdom of God" concepts in the synoptic gospels (1945)
Uratani, Michizo. Eschatology in the teaching of Paul (1945)
Wenstrom, Donald A. The Sunday morning service in the Congregational churches (1945)
Wichlei, Richard John. A doctrine of perfection from the viewpoint of contemporary Christian pacifism (1945)
Wiebe, Orlando Roy. Some problems in the relationship between theology and philosophy (1945)
Alley, George Douglas. A critical study of the liberal church (1946)
Anderson, A. Raymond. Some principles for the initial organizing of Christian communities (1946)
Anderson, Philip Algot. Factors of conflict in the experience of students during their first year at Chicago Theological Seminary (1946)
Cope, Everett S. A Protestant strategy for settlement house (1946)
Daily, Sherwood Simon. A present day interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount (1946)
Elkins, Brodace Howard. The conception of the demonic (1946)
Felible, John Edward. A study of the attitudes and activities of four major Protestant denominations toward war and peace as found in the official pronouncements, 1923-1945 (1946)
Held, David M. Basic elements in the religion of Jesus (1946)
Hulburt, Dayton David. Religion on the air in Chicago (1946)
Hutchins, Merrill Laverne. Sadhu Sundar Singh: product of Christian missions (1946)
Lindahl, Curtis Harold. The nature of the downtown old line Protestant churches in Chicago (1946)
Long, David Owen. The faith of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1946)
Matthews, Alden Ewart. Christian education for one-world living (1946)
Miller, George Frederick. The religious convictions and doubts of Dostoevsky (1946)
Riley, Lyman Walter. The devotional life in Roman Catholic modernism (1946)
Smucker, James Russell. Relating the layman to the world church (1946)
Tolson, George Russel. The Christian personalism of John Wright Buckham (1946)
Waring, Edward Graham. Modern metaphysics and the doctrine of forgiveness (1946)
Yoder, Harry Walter. Group structure in the local (1946)
Lefevre, Perry Deyo. History and Christology in the theology of Tillich, Morrison, and Reinhold Niebuhr (1946)
Baker, Elmer Eugene. William Ernest Hocking's philosophy of human nature (1947)
Berthold, Fred. The relation of theology to value theory (1947)
Bevilacqua, Joseph J. Luther's concept of the law and the gospel (1947)
Boyack, James D. A naturalistic interpretation of ethical living (1947)
Boyer, Ralph R. Preaching with the resources of group psychotherapy in the Christian community (1947)
Brady, De Witt Joseph. The preaching of Washington Gladden in relation to the life of his time (1947)
Clark, Robert Tredway. Psychotherapy and theology: a study of their relationships (1947)
Decker, John G. The moral responsibility of the scientist in the atomic age (1947)
Demler, Henry. The role of the liberal minister today (1947)
Dorsett, H. Merle. The summer camp in the church's educational program (1947)
Gemmer, H. Robert. The contribution of the Prohibition party (1947)
Hepler, Orville Meltin. The evaluation of sermons by the use of insights derived from Gestalt psychology (1947)
Isbell, Earl Woodrow. Religious experience and empirical method in relation to knowledge of God (1947)
Johnson, Lawrence Oscar. Secularism and Protestantism (1947)
Light, Shelby Jason. Emissaries of Divine Light (1947)
Lovell, William N. The religious socialism of Paul Tillich (1947)
Lusk, Alpheus M. The problem of motiviation in adolescence (1947)
Meckel, Myron E. A community church in an industrial area adjacent to a great city (1947)
Meyners, Jo Bob. Integration of Japanese Americans into Protestant churches of Chicago with special reference to six churches (1947)
Morrison, Truman A. Theology and social action in the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr (1947)
Niehaus, Robert Simon. The problem of authority in the Prophets and Proverbs (1947)
Palmer, Sherwood. The possible use of psychodramatic techniques as an aid in the teaching of pastoral skills (1947)
Philo, Harry Ellwood. The conception of the Holy Spirit in the writings of the Apostle Paul (1947)
Queen, John S. Christian love: an ethical principle and a religious reality (1947)
Reitan, Harald A. A study of the "I Am" movement (1947)
Robbins, Samuel Dowse. The use of nature in preaching (1947)
Spragg, Howard E. The ideological and Utopian elements in the Marxist views of the state and the proletariat (1947)
Steece, Arvel Meryl. Grace and free will in the City of God and selected sermons of Augustine (1947)
Voth, Theodore Henry. Significant changes in ethical and religious concepts in representative American dramas of 1919-1920 and 1939-1940 (1947)
Wenger, Samuel B. A prison ministry (1947)
Bross, John R. The role of myth in contemporary theology (1948)
Gaulke, Maxwell R. The development and adaptation of the First Church of God, Chicago (1948)
Gaulke, Maxwell R. The development and adaptation of the First Church of God, Chicago (1948)
Kesler, N. Robert. Calvin's conception of the nature of the church (1948)
Kinnear, Kenneth. Christianity in our sensate culture: an analysis and critique based on Pitrim S. Sorokin's theories of social change and cultural (1948)
Morrill, James W. Trends in the theory of Christian social action: reflected in Social Action, the official organ of the Council for Social Action (1948)
Myers, Anthony Wayne. The significance of myth for the communication of religious truth in the light of Thomas Mann'p. (1948)
Olson, Karl Edward. A survey of contemporary Protestant industrial relations activities (1948)
Presnall, Lewis F. Reconstructive fellowship in respect to the Protestant ministry (1948)
Sampson, Orval Wayne. Agricultural mechanization and the rural church (1948)
Schneider, Eugene Alvin. The use of the Bible with the ten year old child (1948)
Schwenke, John R. An analysis of the contributions of Christian Science to the basic human needs of people living in modern urban society: with special emphasis on evidence collected in the Chicago Metropolitan area (1948)
Shishido, Miles M. The place of scientific method in the theologies of Macintosh and Wieman (1948)
Smith, Lester E. An apologia for missions today (1948)
Sperberg, Lester William. Determinative and contributory factors in the resurrection experience of the Early church (1948)
Thomas, Grafton McCready. Participation and responsibility of the congregation in public worship (1948)
Umbeck, Paul F. The contemplated union between the Congregation Christian and the Evangelical and Reformed church (1948)
Bennett, Dennis J. The authority of the Congregational minister (1949)
Hawley, Edward A. The church as a fellowship of families: a study of selected British and American curriculum material and of practices in selected American churches (1949)
Heininger, Edward Kline. The Old Testament view of man (1949)
Hollerorth, Hugo J. A theological interpretation of conflict (1949)
Laib, Milton Otto. A strategy for adult religious education (1949)
Marshall, James Wendell. The role of the Bible in the theology of Emil Brunner (1949)
Noffke, Walter William. An interpretation of Christian commitment (1949)
Reed, Lincoln Y. Man's experience of God's grace in the Old Testament (1949)
Stanford, Le Roy. A doctrine of Christian vocation (1949)
Van Kranenburgh, Gene. The function of the minister as the leader of a small religious group (1949)
Allard, Robert E. The problem of knowledge in its philosophical and religious aspects in the thought of William James (1950)
Berry, Donald Leroy. A Congregational theory of worship for contemporary church life (1950)
Burton, D. Conrad. Emil Brunner and religious education (1950)
Dalbeck, Gordon E. Some current experiments in social organization: a study of the stated aims and programs of seven selected experiemnts in social reconstruction and rehabilitation in contemporary American society (1950)
Ford, Richard Lawrence. A study of the constituency in a town church: based upon an analysis of the First Congregational Church of Allegan, Michigan (1950)
Fukuyama, Yoshio. The American Board in Turkey (1950)
Leslie, Roberta M. The relation of the rural church to community organizations and agencies (1950)
Regier, Marie Joanna. Mennonite teaching and practice in a Chinese community (1950)
Sievers, Robert W. Thomas Chalmers: Scotch churchman and reformer (1950)
Soberg, Lester L. The relation of the Christology of Luke one and two to that of the Gospel as a whole (1950)
Stephenson, Ward Lewis. Vocation in the light of modern demands and Christian concern (1950)
Trindle, Edward L. The problem of freedom in the works of André Gide (1950)
Burns, Charles Lee. The youth culture and teen-age tensions (1951 Burton, George E. Some recent critical studies of the doctrine of the church in the New Testament (1951)
Erickson, Charles Oron. Whitehead's notions of permanence as a contribution to the theological understanding of death (1951)
Gustafson, James M. Max Weber's methodology (1951)
Williams, William David. The place of pastoral counseling in the total church family life program (1951)
Hollerorth, Barbara Elizabeth. The meaning of community in human existence (1952)
Boardman, Robert Speer. The authority of the Bible (1952)
Dale, Alfred Stuart. A Christian critique of the North Dakota farmers union as an instrument in the building of Christian community (1952 Davis, Paul Robert. This nation under God: a study of Abraham Lincoln as man and public figure in American history (1952)
Gettinger, Paul Arthur. Meron rural life institute (1952)
Herreman, Keith E. Congregationalism, establishment, and three synods, 1648-1708 (1952)
Hill, Rodger Freeman. The church and the self-concept of the adolescent (1952)
Sheely, Madison Lewis. The radio script as church school curriculum material (1952)
Whitman, Allen. Death in the theology of Nicolas Berdyaev and John Baillie (1952)
Alward, Robert Sumner. Christian love as mutuality (1953)
Bender, Louis B. The meaning of transcendence in liberal theology (1953)
Bloesch, Donald G. Emil Brunner's approach to non-Christian religions (1953)
Davis, Royal Gile. Non-Catholic Thomism (1953)
Dodder, Grover Clyde. Memories and meanings of the United Church of Chebanse (1953)
Frederick, Robert Edward. The Scopes trial: a study of changing currents in American thought (1953)
Maxwell, H. Allen. The eschatology of the pre-exilic prophets: Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, and Micah (1953)
Trump, Richard Hayward. Lyman Beecher: reformer and churchman (1953)
Tuck, William C. A study of a fringe area and its church (1953)
Yamane, Susumu. The nature of hope in the synoptic gospels (1953)
Banks, Lois Ann. Developments in liberal theology: an essay on Robert Lowry Calhoun (1954)
Cox, Donald G. Personality theory in Otto Rank and its implication for a Christian doctrine of man (1954)
Jacobs, Robert Glenn. An explication of an original novel The long walk and the beautiful river from the standpoint of theology and literary criticism (1954)
Kautz, William F. A strategy for teaching adults our Christian heritage (1954)
Schaefer, James Wesley. Young adults and the covenanted community (1954)
Slosson, Flora May. The idea of God as person as interpreted from a Christian perspective (1954)
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White, Willie. Faith and existence: a study in the theologies of St. Thomas Aquinas and Søren Kierkegaard (1954)
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Ewing, James Walter. Graham Taylor: educator in "life rather than literature" (1955)
Fry, Arthur J. D.L. Moody: the formative years, 1856-1873 (1955)
Green, Thomas George. The nature and function of church architecture (1955)
Jamieson, David. Contemporary repossessions of the Christian doctrine of forgiveness (1955)
Kling, Dorothy Anna. The role of encounter in effecting Christian commitment (1955)
Mook, Henry Telfer. The meaning of the Bible for our Christian faith in the world today (1955)
Nelson, Carl Julius. The religion of democracy and its ethic: a democratic manifesto (1955)
Reitz, Robert Meek. Pastoral understanding of submerged creativity in the aged (1955)
Schroeder, William Widick. Maizeville: a sociological study of participation in voluntary associations in a corn belt community with special reference to churches (1955)
Scott, Walter Reed. The role of the junior camp in the religious growth of children (1955)
Shelton, Paul. Immanence and transcendence in the concept of God in the theologies of F.W.J. Schelling and Paul Tillich (1955)
Sherrell, Richard Eugene. A critical study of crisis theology as an effort to revitalize the liberal pulplit (1955)
Stone, Robert L. Growing faith through group membership (1955)
Swift, James William. The role of religion, magic, and myth in the life of the Trobriand child Taylor, Louis R. The establishment of a community church (1955)
Treese, Donald H. Theology in the preaching of John Wesley: the Wesleyan doctrines of man, sin, salvation and Christian perfection (1955)
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Allen, Leslie C. The transition of hospital pastoral care from a clinical setting to a parish hospital setting (1956)
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Clark, Robert James. Some defining aspects of the philosophy of Charles Hartshorne and their implications for constructive theology (1956)
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Cotton, Warren Eugene. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ (1957)
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England, Charles Donald. A comparative sociological study of church participation in two Illinois communities (1957)
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Huck, Wilbur. Romantic hope, rebellion, and irony: a study of Melville, Hawthorne, and Dostoievsky (1957)
Kreml, Warren J. Achieving depth in interpersonal relations (1957)
Lapp, Robinson Gardner. A study of structures of value as reflected in the relationships and important experiences of eight junior high young people (1957)
Muth, Phillip Arthur. The doctrine of rewards in the Jewish wisdom literature (1957)
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Glessner, Richard Harter. The pastoral director as educator (1958)
Jewett, Robert Lee. The conception of worship in the epistle to the Hebrews (1958)
Jewett, Robert Lee. The conception of worship in the epistle to the Hebrews (1958)
Kalas, John W. Spirit and objectification in the thought of Nicolas Berdyaev (1958)
Leidberg, Richard E. The fool as hero in the existentialist comedy of Samuel (1958)
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Ward, Donald B. Douglas Horton, Congregationalism, and the church (1959 Wright, George Thomas. The drug addict and the Christian fellowship (1959)