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B.D. Thesis 1895 - 1919

Blish, William Henry. Roman Catholic foreign missions: their present status (1895)
Corwin, Carl Henry. How shall divorce be checked? (1895)
Cutler, Walter Adams. The Old Testament doctrine of Sheol (1895)
Dibble, William Leggett. An ideal sermon: material and construction (1895)
Diven, Clarence Leslie. Apologetic problems: or the nature and aims, the methods, and the value of apologetics (1896)
Fox, Frank. George Whitefield and his work as an evangelist in America (1895)
Hall, Hedley Arsene. The dramatic element in the Bible (1895)
Harrison, Norman. The fundamental inevitable antagonism between the Church of Rome in this country and republican institutions (1895)
Hopkins, William Henry. New false teachings from an old point of view: the Bible doctrine of false prophets (1895)
Kirkpatrick, John Erwin. Charity in the early church: from the apostolic period to the recognition of the church by the Empire (1895)
Larkin, Ralph Baxter. The balance existing between egoism and altruism as viewed from the Christian standpoint (1895)
Leonard, Arthur Eastman. The three witnesses [John 5:8] (1895)
Marcellius, David. Jesu liknelser (1895)
Marsh, Wilson Jeptha. The hina and hopos plerothei clauses in Matthew (1895)
Millard, William Barrett. The New Testament view of divorce (1895)
Nelson, John William. A critical estimate of conditional immortality (1895)
Reed, James Lee. Child saving as a preventative of pauperism (1895)
Robinson, Oliver Theron. Personality as a factor in evangelism (1895)
Seccombe, Charles Horace. John's doctrine of the preincarnate Logos (1895)
Soderquist, Carl John. The promulgation of Christianity in Sweden: from the ninth to the eleventh centuries (1895)
Stetson, Reuben Kidder. Old Testament idea of life after death (1895)
Wellman, Frederick Creighton. Physical obstacles to evangelization (1895)
Winchester, Benjamin S. The effect upon the Hebrew society of the change from a Nomadic to an agricultural life (1895)
Brooks, Jonas Gardner. The regenerate church in the first three centuries (1896)
Brown, Richard. A study of Robert Browne: his times and teaching (1896)
Burleigh, Benjamin Wade, Issues between the early Christian church and the Jews (1896)
Cushing, Edwin Bascom. Evolution in its bearing upon fundamental Christian doctrines (1896)
Dascomb, Henry Nutting. The Kenosis (1896)
Davies, John. A study of the Christiological teaching of Phil. II: 5-11 (1896)
Diven, Clarence Leslie. Apologetic problems: or the nature and aims, the methods, and the value of apologetics (1896)
Ferguson, John Benjamin. The Atonement (1896)
French, Charles Leonard. A historical study of Christian revivals (1896)
Frost, Merle Arthur. The meaning of Christ's death to his own consciousness and in the experience of the apostles (1896)
Hubbell, Fred Manning. The bright side of the Indian question: Indian missions (1896)
Humphrey, William Brewster. The causes of the persecution under Queen Mary of England (1896)
Ingraham, Alexander Miller. The influence of Greek thought upon the New Testament teaching of justification by faith (1896)
Kolmos, Jesse Jessen. The portrait of Christ in the Synoptists and in John (1896)
Mears, Charles Leon. The Holy Spirit: a study in dogmatics (1896)
Pritchard, William Suttle The Christian social order as disclosed in the life and words of Christ (1896)
Southgate, Benjamin Marsh. Jesus, the son of the God of Israel (1896)
Stevens, Julius Merle. The life and teachings of Jesus in the four epistles of Paul (1896)
Stockwell, Cyrus Kellogg. Influence of John Wycliff upon John Hus (1896)
Strain, Horace Leslie. Jesus' view of his death according to the Synoptic Gospels: a study in Biblical theology (1896)
Wheeler, Frederick Sharon. An historical study of the Logos: in pagan writings of Greek philosophy of the first three centuries of Christianity and comparison of this Logos with that of the Logos in the prologue of John the Apostle (1896)
Whitcomb, William Albert. The relation of the new learning to the reformation in England prior to 1830 (1896)
Baumgardner, Burdette C. The new democracy (1897)
Benson, Ernest Leon. Salvation from sin :an investigation of the teachings of the gospels, of Paul's epistles, of First John and of Hebrews (1897)
Bussey, Robert Daniel. Study of the Apostolic authority in the early Church (1897)
Chase, C. Thurston. A study of Jesus' consciousness of messiahship (1897)
Drew, Edward Payson, The vicarious sufferings of the servant of Jehovah : the culmination of messianic prophecy (1897)
Erickson, Andrew. The teaching of Jesus regarding his own death as given in the Synoptic Gospels (1897)
Guild, Roy Bergen. A study of the Penitentials in the British Isles (1897)
Ream, William Theophilus. Evolution in its relation to the Christian doctrine of sin (1897)
Skerik, John.The early Moravian missions among the North American Indians (1897)
Staff, Fred. Sin in the Norse mythology (1897)
Stapleton, Robert S. A study of the Quran: with special reference to its teaching as an authority for the intolerance of Islam toward other religions (1897)
Stutson, Henry Howard. German translations of the Bible: from the earliest times to that of Luther (1897)
Torrence, James Smith. Peter, subdeacon, rector of Sicily: a study of the times of Gregory I, Pope 590-604 A.D., from his letters (1897)
Wiltberger, Louis Warner. Chrysostum as a preacher for his own times (1897)
Barnes, Howard Clark. An argument for the existence of God from design in nature and history (1898)
Bennett, William Rainey. A study in personality: from the psychological and sociological view-point (1898)
Bowers, Roy Edwin. Divine personality and the Incarnation (1898)
Burhans, Frank Dennis. The interpretation of Sheol in the Old Testament (1898)
Burton, Charles Emerson. Recent developments in methods of church work (1898)
Condit, Henry Joy. The educational function of the Church (1898)
Dexter, Daniel Weaver. The argument for the existence of God from design in nature and history (1898)
Elwell, Talmadge Robert. The intellectual, moral and religious condition of France in the time of Boniface, A.D. 680-755: with special reference to the work of Boniface in France (1898)
Evans, John Charles. The regenerate church of the first five centuries (1898)
Fisk, Charles Leon. Luther's relation to the learning of his age (1898)
Fritzmeier, William, Die moderne Bibelkritike nach ihrem Wesen und Recht (1898)
Hogen, Bert Miley. In what sense are the scriptures inspired? (1898)
Jesus consciousness of his office in the work of reconciliation (1898)
Jones, Howard Murray. Jesus on prophecy: an investigation of the Synoptic gospels (1898)
Long, Frederick William. The influence of the "Theologica Germanica" and the "Brethren of the common life" upon the Reformation (1898)
Mills, Harry Edward. Bible eloquence: a study of characteristic types found in scripture with observations as to their value for present day use, also a few comments on "The eloquent silence of Jesus" (1898)
Nelson, Josef Frederik. Exclusivism of the Jews after the exile: its cause and its result (1898)
Osgood, Robert Storrs. The social function of the family (1898)
Painter, Harry Morton. Educational reforms of Charles the Great (1898)
Parr, Walter Robinson. Why the Christian Church of the 16th and 17th centuries showed no missionary spirit (1898)
Potter, Rockwell Harmon.The Alexandrian Christology (1898)
Ramsay, William George. The development of Froebel's pedagogical principles and their application to the Sunday School (1898)
Ross, Joseph B. The family as the basis of social reconstruction (1898)
Simmons, William Benton. The plan of union between the Congregationalists and Presbyterians: its origin, workings and results (1898)
Stevens, John Leroy. The teaching of Jesus on marriage and divorce (1898)
Sullens, Arthur James. The hermeneutical tendency of the Alexandrian School (1898)
Thompson, Carl Dean. The teachings of Jesus concerning wealth (1898)
Triplett, Harry Montford. The church and social amusements (1898)
Varzhabedian, Benjamin Samuel. Christ, the center of unity (1898)
Wood, Charles Winter. The oratory of the modern Anglo-Saxon pulpit (1898)
Woodcock, Thomas Jefferson. The Old Testament in the light of modern higher critical thought (1898)
Work, Monroe Nathan. The influence of woman in the Christianizing of the Germanic races (1898)
Baird, Corry Stanley. Charity in the Christian Church (1899)
Barnes, Howard Clark. The psychology of sin (1899)
Bigelow, Frank Ellsworth. A treatise on the tithe system in the Old Testament (1899)
Breed, Reuben Leonard. The teaching of Jesus: as presented in the Synoptists, regarding the meaning of his death (1899)
Dixon, William Reese. The influence of Jesuitism in North America (1899)
Etherton, Guy Everett. The Christian consciousness of Paul (1899)
Fenenga, Melmon Jacob. Modern industrial missions in foreign fields (1899)
Gammon, Robert William. The relation of the deity of Christ to the Atonement (1899)
Goshen, Elmer Isaac. The teaching of Jesus concerning prayer (1899)
Gray, Samuel Houston. The persecution of the Roman Catholics in England during the sixteenth century (1899)
Hannant, Norrison Everett. Jesus' teaching in regard to the Fatherhood of God in the Synopticts [sic] (1899)
Harrison, Hiram Blake. Administrative nurture in the Congregational churches (1899)
Hartman, John Edwin. Principles of heredity recognized in the Scriptures (1899)
Haynes, Herbert. The educational function in foreign missions (1899)
Howie, John Lloyd. The doctrine of reconciliation (1899)
Lyman, Elias Fenn. An inquiry as to the grounds for a doctrine of faith-healing in the Gospels (1899)
Momiroff, Konstantine Dimeter. Christian doctrine and modern legislation on divorce (1899)
Mullenbach, James. The German inner mission (1899)
Perrin, David J. The idea of righteousness in the Old Testament writings (1899)
Prucha, Vaclav. Jesus' teaching in regard to his death according to the Synoptic Gospels (1899)
Robertson, Albert Alexander. The work of Dr. Thomas Chalmers as prefiguring modern methods in church work (1899)
Seccombe, Samuel Howe. Christ's teaching about sin as disclosed by a study of the Synoptic Gospels (1899)
Strawman, David Samuel. Christ's view of righteousness according to the Synoptic Gospels (1899)
Wade, Justin Goodone. Adjustment of Church life to changing conditions (1899)
Warner, Alexander Charles. Christ's teaching concerning His Parousia according to the Synpostists (1899)
Adams, Chauncey Corbin. Covenant among the Semites and in Israel (1900)
Anderson, Frank Howard. Problems in the time of Luther (1900)
Bayley, Dwight Smith. Early New England Congregrationalism and its reconstruction by John Wise (1900)
Black, Robert Franklin. Nature and object of Christian faith (1900)
Blood, Charles Rowell. A discussion of Micah IV-V (1900)
Chapman, William John. The nature and object of faith (1900)
Cutler, Alexander Ellis. The nature and object of faith (1900)
Dascomb, Arthur Steele. The knowledge of Jesus (1900)
Dungan, Thomas Arthur. Christianity the ultimate religion (1900)
Evans, Howell Michael. The rise of the Calvinistic Methodist Church (1900)
Gillette, John M. Conception of personality in modern philosophy (1900)
Gray, Thomas. Evolution of family worship (1900)
Henry, Frank Edmonds. Superstitions and scientists in the XIXth. century (1900)
Lacey, Albert Theodore. Rights of the child in view of Christianity (1900)
Loos, William. Calvin as a preacher (1900)
Lyman, Harvey Austin. Luther's view of pauperism: a historial study (1900)
Merrill, George Plumer. God's self-revelation through the Psalms: is it progressive? (1900)
Moore, John Wright. The teaching of Jesus in regard to prayer (1900)
Read, Elmer D. Development of the industrial idea in missions (1900)
Robinson, Henry Ward. The charity work of the Franciscans (1900)
Snow, Walter Austin. The efficacy of prayer (1900)
Talmage, Luther Curtis. Jesus' teaching of wealth and its effect on the early church (1900)
Williams, Theodore Charles. The nature and object of Christian faith (1900)
Bauer, Philip Edward. The ethics of non-resistance (1901)
Booth, Henry Kendall. The eschatology of Jesus (1901)
Bowdish, Austin Craig. Israel's development away from the idols used in Jahweh-worship (1901)
Chapman, William John. A study of Dakota religion (1901)
Cutler, Alexander Ellis. The ethical value of the doctrine and work of the Holy Spirit (1901)
Denison, George Borrodel. Self-sacrifice, its motive, exercise and reward (1901)
Hayden, Newell Matson. A symetrical worship: with a study of faith, the intellectual element (1901)
Hitchcock, Wallace Chester. The eschatology of the individual in the Old Testament (1901)
Jones, Thomas Gwilym. The preaching of the beggar monks (1901)
Jordan, John Wesley. A study of the monastic reform of Benedict of Nursia (1901)
Pinkerton, Henry Moody. An historical study of John Robinson: his life and his controversies (1901)
Weiss, Joseph. Two things revealed by Christ's healing ministry (1901)
Wiley, Horace Stevens. Present day aspects of the Sunday problem in America (1901)
Williams, Milton Bryant. The dynamic of evolution (1901)
Williams, Theodore Charles. The social bearing of the atonement (1901)
Bartholomew, Noyes Otis. The public burning of condemned books (1902)
Borton, Carl Darling. Christian socialism as developed by Frederick Denison Maurice and Charles Kingsley (1902)
Burdick, Charles Henry. The teaching of Jesus concerning prayer (1902)
Bush, Fred Roys. Protestant Christian worship (1902)
Cook, Ezra Albert. The basis of the authority of the Bible (1902)
Davies, John William. Some social aspects from the words of Jesus according to Luke (1902)
Graves, Arthur Guy. Idea of God in the prophets of the 8th century: (Amos, Hosea, First Isaiah, Micah) (1902)
Greenwood, Victor Lynch. Sex and religion (1902)
Jordan, Albert Hastings. Conditions of Rome from 1-50 A.D.: preparatory to the entrance of Christianity (1902)
Moore, Arthur Allen. Religious life of the Israelites: as depicted in the old elements of the book of Judges (1902)
Rogers, Robert Wells. The oriental mind: a study of its characteristics as a basis for religious work and Biblical interpretations (1902)
Van Valkenburgh, Hugh Clifford. Marriage and divorce according to the Old Testament (1902)
Williams, Thistle A. English deism as represented by Matthew Tindal's book: Christianity as old as the creation (1902)
Withington, Henry Jay. The place of Jerusalem in Jehovah-worship before the exile (1902)
Wyatt, Francis O. The nature and manifestations of the religious consciousness (1902)
Alexander, James Lambert. Robert Browne and the Brownists (1903)
Bayne, John Julian. The doctrine of salvation from the standpoint of heredity (1903)
Burt, Henry Fairfield. The influence of the tenement on human life (1903)
Halbert, Leroy Allen. The Christian spirit in industry (1903)
Jevne, Charles Arthur. The physical aspects of Christ's resurrection (1903)
# check Martin, John James. Modern theories of heredity in relation to Biblical data and theological tenets involved (1903)
Martin, John James. The relation of Christ and Christ's work to ethical certainty (1903)
Pinkney, Charles William. Prayer in the light of the example of teaching of Jesus Christ (1903)
Prentis, John Harcourt. The verdict of history upon the Calvinistic doctrine of the election (1903)
Ridings, Edward Joseph. The Puritans at Frankfort (1903)
Stephens, Anson Thaddeus. The half-way covenant: and its effect on the New England churches (1903)
Woodcock, Albert Charles. The Pauline doctrine of justification by faith (1903)
Callecod, Halleck Matthew. The influence of pagan thought and custom in Christianity (1904)
Chapman, Francis Homer. Chrysostom's influence and power as a preacher (1904)
Cleaver, George. The priesthood of Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews (1904)
Dickey, John Gilman. The history of the Lord's supper: during its first two and one half centuries (1904)
Ebersol, Charles Eliphalet. Types of public control of the liquor traffic: in Sweden, in Norway, in South Carolina and in Athens, Georgia (1904)
Ellis, Emery Ward. Prosperity and righteousness (1904)
Ford, Eugene Clark. The genesis of the deistic movement (1904)
Fox, Andrew Noah. The book of wisdom: its philosophico-religious teaching (1904)
Grabill, Dell Quince. The social and economic causes of the Reformation in Germany (1904)
Hadden, Clarence Wilbur. The care of delinquent and dependent children in (1904)
Hamilton, William John. The causes of the Protestant reformation (1904)
Locke, Robert James. New Testament elements in Hosea (1904)
McLean, Lester. The Passion chronology: a harmonistic study (1904)
Morton, Howard Ansel. The two covenants in the Epistle to the Hebrews (1904)
Neilan, Joseph Davis. Phillips Brooks, the typical humanist (1904)
Pearson, Laren Olaf. Religion of the Norsemen (1904)
Proctor, William Martin. An examination into the diminishing attendance upon theological seminaries: and a classification of elements entering into calls to the Christian ministry (1904)
Rice, Albert Reuben. President Finney and his times: preacher, educator, and theologian (1904)
Warren, Bertram Albert. The state of the Christian Church in Spain at the time of the Council of Elvira: as shown by the canons of that Council (1904)
Wescott, William Samuel. The task of Christian ministry and its theological basis (1904)
Williams, George. The English Reformation (1904)
Worthington, William. The consciousness of Jesus (1904)
Barnes, Robert James. Julian the Apostate (1905)
Currie, Albert Harlan. The evolution of the monastic ideal (1905)
Fritsch, Henry Samuel. Luther, the voice of Christian freedom: or, A study of Luther's Reformation tract "Von der Freiheit eynisz Christen menschen" in its bearing on Christian Freedom (1905)
Gordon, John. The Great Awakening in America (1905)
Greenaway, R. Brandon. The Sabbath (1905)
Hitchcock, Samuel. John Wyclif and his "poor priests" (1905)
Jenks, Orrin Roe. Syriac versions of the New Testament (1905)
Monosmith, Albert Wilson. The ethical status of competition (1905)
Tolbert, Raymond Bertrand. The objections of Celsus to Christianity (1905)
Williams, Horace Blake. An attempt at a restatement of the principle of religious authority (1905)
Zachman, Richard Henry. The Lord's Supper (1905)
Bast, Christopher William. The term "world" in the Johannine literature (1906)
Butcher, William Theodore. Chrysostom, the preacher (1906)
Hart, William Wallace. The effect of the Revolution on the religious life of the nation (1906)
Herbert, Sherman Howard. Elements in Buddhism which form points of contact for the Christian teacher (1906)
Kellner, Charles Julius. Future life in the Egyptian religion (1906)
Sone, Sanji. The philosophy of Buddhism (1906)
Van Auken, Carl Henry. The teachings of Christ in the New Testament concerning love (1906)
Curtis, Allen Lewis. Some relations of Christian theology and Christian experience (1907)
Davies, James W. Frederick. The Bible adaptable to the various periods of child life (1907)
Fisher, James Oren. Historical and psychological method applied in theology: with special reference to the doctrine of sin (1907)
Hart, Frank Wheeler. Jesus' view of righteousness (1907)
Johansson, Emanuel Aaron. The doctrine of the atonement (1907)
Willard, Sherman Albert. The growth of the idea of God (1907)
Youtz, Edwin Stanton. The application of history and psychology to theology (1907)
Allingham, Robert. A short history of the rise and growth of Congregationalism in Ireland (1908)
Buergi, George John. The relation of the Reformation in Germany to the Peasants War (1908)
Christianson, Charles John. Paul, the preacher, (1908)
Dougherty, Robert Chambers. The inadequcy of the Mohammedan religion (1908)
Heyman, Arnold Cyrus. Some aspects of the drink habit: or a study of the record of 850 inebriates (1908)
Jones, Augustine. Some moral aspects of present day industry (1908)
Knapp, Ezra Charles. The present transition in the Sunday School (1908)
MacFadyen, Robertson. The Christian religion as inseparable from Christ (1908)
Miller, Malcolm Foote. The resurrection of Jesus Christ and its relation to the teachings of the New Testament (1908)
Montgomery, Royal John. The headship of Christ over his church: as illustrated in the history of the Church of Scotland (1908)
Robb, William John. Faith: an attempt to explain the nature and object of faith from a practical point of view (1908)
Sone, Sanji. Jesus Christ as related to origin of Christianity (1908)
Stein, Henry W. Schleiermacher and his influence on modern preaching (1908)
Wehrhan, Nelson W. A study of the church in the small town: its problems and methods of work (1908)
Galt, Elmer W. An estimate of the religious value of Confucianism (1909)
Hofstead, Harry Oliver. Social romances (1909)
Hoiriis, Axel Martius. The doctrine of original sin (1909)
Wood, George Ernest. A study in the Messianic consciousness of Jesus (1909)
Fletcher, Robert. Mysticism, its content and meaning (1910)
Gilmour, George Sorley. The Christian family, an ethical study (1910)
Le Clere, Frank Walworth. The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament and Apocalyptic literature (1910)
Mueller, Karl Friedrich Otto. The social ideal and its relation to sin (1910)
Scott, Arthur Pearson. An outline study of the sources of the synoptic gospels (1910)
Stuart, Luke. The "big boy" problem as related to the church (1910)
Veazie, Carl Hewitt. The interpretation of the book of Jonah (1910)
Davis, Frank. Oxyrhynchus papyri of the first century A.D. and their contribution to the study of the New Testament (1911)
Dieman, Harry. The religious significance of Kant's ethics and philosophy of religion (1911)
Galt, Truman Fontanelle. The religious value of lengthened infancy in the human race (1911)
Graeser, Charles Frederic. Evangelism as affected by the modern view of sin (1911)
White, Francis Dale. A country church and community (1911)
Babcock, Frank. The popular character of the fourth gospel (1912)
Dabney, Vaughn. The Oxyrhynchus papyri (1912)
Milne, George. Industry and the church (1912)
Parr, Harold Ernest. Fundamentals of religious education applied to the problems of the Sunday School (1912)
Sinninger, Norman E. A study of Bernard of Clairvaux as a preacher (1912)
Skentelbury, William Henry. A church and its neighbors being the result of an investigation in a South church (1912)
Obenhaus, Herman. The worship of Mithra in its relation to Christian doctrine (1912)
Willoughby, Bertram Alvin Gamsby. Types of evangelism arising in different periods of the Church's history (1912)
Bucher, Chester Sarbin. Charles Jefferson the preacher (1913)
Dale, William Wilbur. A study in hero worship of children and young people (1913)
Errington, Frederick. The Messianic hope, its development the relation of Jesus to the Messianic hope (1913)
Evans, William Henry. The Welsh revival (1913)
Hammond, William E. The Virgin birth of Jesus (1913)
Hanna, George Thomas. The appeal of child labor to the church (1913)
Johnson, William Henry. The doctrine of immortality in the Old Testament, (1913)
Jones, Warren Gilbert. The Bible a maker of languages (1913)
Koukol, Charles Joseph. The Jesuits in Bohemia (1913)
Krueger, Ernst T. Social relationships and agencies in a city parish (1913)
Kvaas, Anders. Reform movements in the Church of Norway (1913)
Miller, Dudley J. The development of a conception of future life during Biblical history (1913)
Minty, William Arthur. The problem of the open mind (1913)
Parmiter, Charles Alfred. Contributions of the papyrus fragments to the study of the New Testament (1913)
Safford, George Chester. The Paulicians (1913)
Tokas, Christie George. Antagonism of Neoplatonism to Christianity (1913)
Denny, Walter Bell. The philosophy of Rudolph Eucken (1914)
Hart, Iral Alva. Vocational education (1914)
Hill, William Ely. Parsifal's sanction (the quality of guilelessness) (1914)
Horning, Lawrence. The psychological test of Christian experience (1914)
Hulburd, Arthur Samuel. The second coming of Christ (1914)
Packer, Percival C. The country community (1914)
Richards, Arthur Edsell. The origin of Christian art (1914)
Smith, Joseph R. The psychological basis of religion (1914)
Berghoefer, Frederick Justus. A study of John Calvin's life, work and later influence (1915)
Bethards, Rolland Elmer. Jeremiah, his time, and message (1915)
Brann, Wilbur Earl. Ezekiel the man, his message, the exile, and the life of the exiles (1915)
Byles, Charles Hinckley. The growth of the canon of scripture (1915)
Carnine, Albert G. The fourth gospel the most popular book ever written (1915)
Cleave, Eldred. The basis of authority in religious thinking (1915)
Cox, Homer William. Preparation of the world for Christ (1915)
Dierlamm, Cleveland R. The place of will in conversion (1915)
Edvards, Gustav. The sage of China fundamental religious teachings of the oldest empire and the newest republic (1915)
Gates, Aaron Avery. The popular character of the fourth gospel (1915)
Hass, Nathaniel. The daily vacation Bible school (1915)
Kellogg, Theodore. The basis of authority in religious thinking (1915)
Leaman, Amos Hershey. A brief history of the Mennonites (1915)
Lee, Henry James. Robertson of Brighton (1915)
Orton, Richford Deforest. The relation between the church and the official agencies of the community (1915)
Rees, William Evan. The basis of authority in religious thinking (1915)
Steiner, Carl Frederick. Authentic and legendary sources of our knowledge of the life of Christ (1915)
Tipton, Ernest H. Immortality (1915)
Waters, George Henry. A history of evangelism, (1915)
Bast, Carl Peter. Jesus' conception of his person and mission (1916)
Dawson, Edwin. A history of the Messianic hope (1916)
Evans, Rowland Horace. The basis of authority in religious thinking (1916)
Fifield, Lawrence Wendell. The basis of authority in religious thinking (1916)
Hagopian, Bedros Hagop. Aspects of personality, (1916)
Hochstatter, John Aaron. Hebrew sacrifice (1916)
Keck, Samuel Walter. The psychology of sacrifice (1916)
Perry, Percy Lee. The basis of authority in religion (1916)
Robinson, Clarence Eugene. The basis of authority in religious thinking (1916)
Snell, Roy Judson. The religion of the Eskimo (1916)
Spinka, Matthew. The Bohemian Catholic Reformation (1916)
Stock, Harry Thomas. The growth of fellowship in the Congregational Church in the United States (1916)
Bergman, Franklin Herman. The Bible, Old and New (1917)
Convis, Lewis Albert. The struggle for religious liberty among the Poles in America (1917)
Hites, Laird Thomas. The early history of Baptist Sunday schools in American (1917)
Jones, Thomas Llewellyn. The person of Christ according to Albrecht Ritschl (1917)
Meacham, Frank Townsend. The Messianic consciousness of Jesus (1917)
Stickney, George Edwin. The city home and the training of the child (1917)
Stock, Harry Thomas. A history of congregational missions among the north American Indians (1917)
Trickey, Benjamin John. The historical development of the doctrine of the atonement (1917)
Yessayan, Vahan Hodge. The Armenian enlightenment (1917)
Benedict, Elmer Wilbur. Educational evangelism (1918)
Charters, Thomas. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Nicene age (1918)
Collins, William Ernest. A survey of a selected district of the second ward of the city of Chicago (1918)
Fish, Arthur Edward. Literature as an ally of religion and morals in adolescence (1918)
Monai, Tsunegoro. Interpretation of Jesus' miracles (1918)
Morgan, Cardadoc. The consciousness of Jesus (1918)
Morgan, John Richmond. The synagogue and its service (1918)
Olmsted, Nirum P. The mystery religions and Pauline Christianity (1918)
Osborn, William Morman. Authorship of the fourth gospel (1918)
Williams, Thomas Eynon. Hymnody of the English Wesleyan revival (1918)
Zabel, William LeRoy. Street trades and juvenile delinquency (1918)
Ellis, Francis Crispin. Prayer (1919)
Flugum, Omar J. Jesus' miracles of healing (1919)
Green, John Frederick Carl. Luther's conception of authority with special reference to church and state (1919)
Miller, Louis Lawrence. The rise and growth of new social interests among the Mennonites of America (1919)
Phillips, Edwin Tompkins. Jesus' conception of himself and his mission (1919)
Schuster, Rudolph Samuel. The consciousness of Jesus (1919)
Warren, Claude William. The appeal of early Christianity to the poor (1919)