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Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M)Theses


  • Kornegay, E. L. Queering Black homophobia: Black theology as a sexual discourse of transformation (2003) 
  • Klein, Darren J. Homophobia on trial: a theological critique of the "Sacramento 68" (2005) 
  • Gajere, Ishaya. Toward an understanding of Nigeria ethnoreligious crises: the contribution of postcolonial theory (2006) 
  • Sisson, Jim. Paul Tillich and Paul Ricoeur on symbols of evil: implications for a hermeneutic of literary representations of evil (2006) 
  • Langjahr, Robert. Dual discourses: bisexuality and "the lifestyle" (2008)
  • Jung Young Ghun. Inculturation as transformation of Christianity in Korean American context (2008) 
  • Williams, Matthew. Engagement: evangelicals, progressives, Rick Warren and the promise of relationship (2008)
  • Cannon, Lauren C. An ecofeminist reading of Genesis 1.26, 1.28 and 2.5, 2.15: called to partnership, not stewardship (2009)
  • Choi Young Suk. Active dependent personality disorder: the case study and healing (2009)
  • Han Su-Hyun. Rereading Romans 4: the strategic writing of Paul for the solidarity within Jewish and Gentile particularities (2009)
  • Oh Seung Yong. Understanding men whose father was absent and helping them become a mature father (2009)
  • Yates, Renee. Post traumatic slave syndrome in the African American collective unconscious: a Jungian archetypal perspective (2009)
  • Croom, Erma. Conjuring vision and voice: empowering black women to declare freedom and reclaim wholeness for their lives, the church and the community (2010)
  • Grigg, Jenei. Person centered care beyond the rainbow: assisted living and longterm care training initiative towards inclusiveness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBTQ) senior adults (2010)


  • Higashi, Aaron. Life and sex with the women of Proverbs: an examination of the descriptive language surrounding the wife of youth and the adulteress woman in Proverbs 5 & 7 (2011)
  • Piang Zam Sian. Working on social justice among the Burmese community based on the dialogic-praxis methodology of Paulo Freire (2011)
  • Webb, David. Moving from the theory to practice: using "mission-in-reverse" to form a contemporary rite of passage into adulthood (2011)
  • Kitonga, Frederick A. Ethnic conflicts in Kenya: toward a redemptive and restorative response (2012)
  • Kolkmeier, James. Science and process theology: a study on the effects by the understanding of quantum mechanics in the postmodern era (2012)
  • Rockett, Edward D., Jr. Hip-hop & the Black church: a revolutionary approach for ministry amongst African-American urban youth (2012)
  • Seiwert, Lisa N. A wolf in lamb's clothing: exposing Christian privilege in an Islamophobic America (2012)
  • Blackmore, Brian. Queer horizons of the inner light: a theological history of lesbian and gay Friends (2013)
  • Huh Sukhun. A study of the spirit Christology as an alternative Christology of Korean Christianity: a critical examination on the orthodox Christology of St. Augustine and the feminist Christology of Rosemary Radford Ruether and Mary Daly (2013)
  • Jun Sunhee. John the Baptist and Jesus: expectation and disappointment (2013)
  • Rinehart, Quincy James. Mitigating Black homophobia: theologies of masculinity in the Black Charismatic church tradition (2013)
  • Cataldo, Christina A. Sermons that matter: Judith Butler, Fred Craddock, and preaching from the gaps (2014)
  • Cheng, Shih Chang Wesley. The case study of same-sex movement in Taiwan: on theology and politics (2014)
  • Hutchison, Benjamin David. Your theology is killing out children: a psychological perspective of how the religious terrorism of antigay theology contributes to the suicide epidemic among queer youth (2014)
  • Notorangelo, Carolyn R. Narrating spirit: stories, legends, and parables in religious & spiritual praxis (2014)
  • Shim, Pumsup. A model of amends-making in self-forgiveness: an Imago-Dei and narrative approach (2014)
  • Buenting, Julie Ann. Beyond welcome: integrating sexuality and spirituality in LGBTQ-affirming Christian faith formation in the age of Queer Theory (2015)
  • Langeni, Nokuphiwa S. Gender ambiguity in the Bible (2015)
  • Chen, Charing Wei-Jen. A queer postcolonial critique of LGBT-inclusive churches in Taiwan (2016)
  • Gilbert, Virginia. Love your enemies: how Jesus counters oppositional consciousness in the Gospels (2016)
  • Green, Cheryl L. The journey toward a theology of liberation for Afro-Latinas in Central and South America (2016)
  • Tugwete, Montegomery. Difference: the missing continuum in the analysis of the root of racial oppression (2016)
  • Lapp. Robinson G. Hitting the streets with Jesus: a spiritual journey ordination for secular ministry (2017)