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B.D. Thesis 1960-1970

Abele, Ralph Reinhold. A study of ministerial leadership as relationships manifesting the event of God in Christ (1960)
Anderson, Robert Charles. The meaning and religious significance of the concept of creativity in the thought of Nicholas Berdyaev (1960)
Griffis, Richard B. The renewal of man: a study of John Calvin's theology (1960)
Lord, Raymond Wesley. The doctrine of man's freedom in Paul Tillich's theology. (1960)
Price, Jack. Threats to the modern American family as they are indicated and answered from a sociological and a theological perspective (1960)
Talbert, Arthur Everett. The background and causes of the northern Israelite revolt Biblically and archaeologically evaluated (1960)
Weichbrodt, Louis Frank. The concept of the self in the thought of William Ernest Hocking (1960)
Winegarner, Robert S. Community as conceived by Arthur E. Morgan and Emil Brunner. (1960)
Zilliac, George H. The concept of indwelling in the farewell discourses of the Gospel of John (1960)
Zinn, J. Robert. Results of the oracles of the major literary prophets from the time of their delivery to the construction of the second temple (1960)
Boyer, Mary Rice. The young parent and the church (1961)
Cernohlavek, James W. The American-Japanese church: a study of an ethnic church in Chicago (1962)
Gillett, Carl R. Behind the fourth gospel: the Old Testament roots of the Johannine ideals of "Word," "Light," and "Life" and their role in the interpretation of the gospel of John (1962)
Jones, Robert Eugene. Christian hope and contemporary nihilism (1962)
Kemp, John Howard. No-popery and nativism in Congregationalist New England from 1825-1856 (1962)
Russell, Howard H. Resources of three mothers for meeting the problems of daily living with special reference to the role of religion (1962)
Stickney, Robert Washburn. Metaphor completions: a means of evoking and communicating awareness (1962)
Torney, E. Keith. The house church: a Protestant answer to the inner city (1962)
Cameron, William E. Religious leadership and the Woodlawn Organization (1963)
Cetina, Robert E. Life and religious consciousness: a consideration of Tillich's doctrine of man (1963)
Close, Marilyn Wilbur. The revival of 1857-1858: turning point in the style of American mass evangelism (1963)
Findlay, Robert D. A meaningful and redeeming ministry to youth (1963)
Goebel, G. Dean. The theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and its implications for a theology of Christian education (1963)
Goodell, Roberta Mary. A life worth living for young adults: the task of the church (1963)
Heckner, Dorothy Mae. Faith, forgiveness and the family in the theology of Emil Brunner (1963)
Hendrickson, Robert M. Fear and anxiety in the New Testament and in the contemporary situation (1963)
Kinsey, Robert A. The authority of the Bible as revealed by the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament (1963)
Lintner, James E. Analytic philosophy and Christian truth (1963)
Lovely, Denzel Ray. A comparison of the concept of existence in the thought of Rollo May and Paul Tillich with implications for the pastoral ministry (1963)
Mardis, Herbert H. Alcoholism and human freedom: a psychological and theological anaysis of the meaning [of] alcoholism as a problem of human freedom and what it suggests for the life of the church (1963)
Mendonca, John Roper. Christ and the world come of age in the christology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1963)
Mitchell, Douglas E. Psychological thought implicit in systematic theology (1963)
Schulz, Larold Kuhrt. The Kerygma of the early Church as understood through the sermons of Peter in Acts. (1963)
Smith, Andrew Ward. Religious beliefs in a community church: the stated religious beliefs of forty members of Avalon Park Community Church (1963)
Sundeen, Lois Naomi. The religious condition of church school teachers (1963)
Whitwer, Clarence. The youth ministry and youth culture (1963)
Williams, Charles J. A Christian approach to community organization: the Greater Woodlawn Pastors' Alliance (1963)
Williams, Sandra Margaret. The signicance of the Mediterranean culture as reflected in the Pauline epistles for the church in modern urban culture (1963)
Yoak, Charles S. The Jewish background of Paul's speech on the Aeropagus; an exegetical study of the creation motif, Acts 17:24-26. (1963)
Brownell, Paul Granger. An inquiry--religious experience and symbolization (1964)
Buck, Zane Arthur. Prophetic and ceremonial church architecture for the twentieth century: a synthesis (1964)
Cavanaugh, James Henry. Imagination--the shape of Christian education (1964)
Conover, Patrick W. Emergence and crisis: a Christian approach to personality (1964)
De Gruchy, John Wesley. The local church and the race problem in South Africa. (1964)
Dralle, Robert F. The meaning of freedom for a small group (1964)
Fargo, George Gerald. Towards a theology for educational ministry in the church (1964)
Gillies, Chester Raymond. Gabriel Marcel--coming into being (1964)
Hall, David L. An exposition and analysis of Ortegan thought (1964)
Heiss, Richard L. Maximizing encounter with a group of senior highs (1964)
Howe, Helen Irene. The Student Christian Association movement and the role of the laity in the mission of the church (1964)
Jamerson, Willie J. A study of Buber and Kierkegaard: the contrasting understanding of the implications of the relationship between man and man for the relationship between man and God (1964)
Jones, John N. Meaningful child education (1964)
Kokuma, Francis Kwami. The problem of indigenization in the West African (British)
churches (1964)
Maxwell, Farley. Becoming in an age of relativity (1964)
Okamoto, Chiaki. A problem of Christian education in Japan: self-identity (1964)
Oyakawa, E. Michio. The cross in the life of the local congregation (1964)
Roberts, David Wayne. A study of death in the theology of Paul Tillich (1964)
Schultz, James M. Religious faith and occupational plans of junior college men (1964)
Sissons, Peter L. The Church and the suburb in England (1964)
Smith, Philip Alan. An experiment in lay education and church renewal (1964)
Van Kirk, John Randall. Re-thinking John Wesley's contribution: the early phase of his churchmanship (1964)
Wentworth, Jay Alan. Some aesthetic implications of Whitehead's philosophy (1964)
West, Paul F. Adult businessmen and the ministry of connection: toward a framework for ministry with men (1964)
Adams, George Tomlinson. Harlan Paul Douglass and the church, 1906-1950: an examination of his writings in terms of the church and the community it serves (1965)
Aull, James Andrew. Hi-Y: a small group model for the YMCA leadership. (1965)
Bailey, Jack Simpson. Some considerations for the mission of the church in urban culture. (1965)
Bill, Jean-Francois. The responsible selfhood of the church: a study of the Tsonga Presbyterian Church. (1965)
Briggs, William Major. The contemporary form of the inner-city parish. (1965)
Coffey, Walter Charles. America's religious future as seen by Philip Schaff. (1965)
Cowger, Charles David. The church in response to poverty. (1965)
Filonowitz, Joseph C. Humor and theology. (1965)
Fletcher, John Arden. Christian nurture as the personal unification of feeling, thought, and action. (1965)
Guigle, F. Charles. The development of religious meaning: a theory and examination. (1965)
LaDu, Joseph Wilson. The urbanization of rural life and the role of the church. (1965)
Loeschen, John Richard. Proximate and penultimate: Luther's doctrine of the created order. (1965)
McLain, Gary Bishop. The therapeutic potentiality of Paul's church-understanding. (1965)
Moller, Thomas Loren. Attack from the right: the Radical Right against the ecumenical movement. (1965)
Patterson, Jack Theodore. The quest for "True Humanity" in the thought of Kierkegaard and Buber. (1965)
Schwartz, Robert Gerald. The church and "The American Funeral": crisis in faith and mission. (1965)
Smith, Harold W. Form and dynamics in contemporary Christology: a study of the discourse on Jesus Christ in the writings of Teilhard de Chardin and William Temple. (1965)
Sugawara, Alan Iwao. Liturgical history: the Reformed Church. (1965)
Bell, John Boyd. Religion and urbanization in the ancient Near East. (1966)
Day, Norbert Raymond. Ministry in the context of the new freedom. (1966)
Froese, Menno. An exposition and analysis of Kurt Lewin's field study. (1966)
Griffith, Lloyd Dale. Function of myth in modern conscience. (1966)
Kubik, Wayne Frank. A ministry to the dying. (1966)
Lindstrom, P. Richard, The Risberg school (1966)
Nickelsen, John Hellier. A critique of Erich Fromm's interpretation of Jesus and the early Christiologies. (1966)
Olski, Donald Walter. A contemporary theology of the Holy Spirit. (1966)
Ross, Karl Eugene. The function of music in worship. (1966)
Ross, Patricia Sylvester. Clues for an educational ministry with older persons. (1966)
Rydberg, Wayne Douglas. The role of religious belief in the suicidal crisis. (1966)
Sanders, Frank Wootton. An analysis of the rehabilitation program of the Community Center Foundation. (1966)
Speer, Robert Pollock. A reflection on the meaning of death for the living. (1966)
Strah, Michael Sherman. Christian faith and identity: the implications of the thought of Merleau-Ponty, heidegger, Erikson, and Bultman for a Christian concept of identity. (1966)
Theselius, James Embree. Knowledge as affirmation: an exposition of Michael Polanyi's thought. (1966)
Vincent, Donald George. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's understanding of the church. (1966)
Wright, Frank Wolfford. Curriculum guides for adult theological education. (1966)
Yalouris, Joachim George. The causes provoking the iconoclastic controversy. (1966)
Yons, George Edward. Jesus and integrity therapy. (1966)
Anderson, R. Larry. Teilhard and the meaning of ministry. (1967)
Blount, Roswell Clifton. A study of conflicting attitudes in the United Church of Christ in Illinois: an analysis of the relationship of selected social attitudes to theological, Biblical, and personal data. (1967)
Christie, Bruce David. Whole man in a whole world: toward an understanding of a ministry of reconciliation. (1967)
Dresser, Fred. Integrity therapy and some classical conversion experiences. (1967)
Dwenger, Alfred Earl. Romantic love: its implications for a minister's program of premarital counseling. (1967)
Gillies, Juanita D. An experiment in the resolution of social conflict. (1967)
Hermanson, George Henry. A basis for a theology of the future (1967)
Hurd, Albert Edward. Jonathan Edwards' concept of the millenium. (1967)
Ingersoll, James Walter. Inner speech and the teenager. (1967)
Ivy, Dorsie Eugene. Struggle/confront--construct--offer--reflect: notes on a methodology for "constructive" living. (1967)
Johnson, Bruce Eaton. Martin Luther--law and gospel, and two kingdoms, Reinhold Niebuhr--justification in the realm of justice. (1967)
Kirsch, Norman Maynard. Trends in the town and country church movement from 1935-1965: as reflected in town and country church and Christian rural fellowship publications. (1967)
Leonard, David Verne. Religious consciousness and the nature of God. (1967)
McCall, Merritt C. Responsible love: an exploration of the concept in the writing of William Glasser and H. Richard Niebuhr. (1967)
Oliver, Samuel MacBain. Emerging identity in Pentecostalism. (1967)
Paton, James Warren. Whitehead on education: a study in education and cosmology. (1967)
Ramsey, Virginia Robinette. The hope of man: two perspectives. (1967)
Stout, David Alvin. A Biblical view of redemption. (1967)
Trask, David B. A ministry of ideas. (1967)
Williams, David E. Dag Hammarskjöld : Christian existentialist. (1967)
Wood, Bob R. Basic concepts and factors concerning a "theology for youth". (1967)
Board, Chester Stephen. Revelation and reason in the seventeenth-century. (1968)
Boler, James E. Theology and sociology in a constructive ecclesiology. (1968)
Burford, James W. Biblical meal-sharing. (1968)
Christoferson, Arthur W. The contribution of early congregational doctrine of the Church to a distinctive style of church life. (1968)
Evans, Thomas H. Institution and spirit : a study in church images. (1968)
Fujiyoshi, Ronald S. A comparison of action theory : Saul Alinsky and Reinhold Niebuhr. (1968)
Green, Thomas C. The tragic vision and the man of hope. (1968)
Shewmaker, Harry Paul. Calling a people. (1968)
Thomas, Mary J. The role of inner speech: speaking words and significant symbol in existing a congregation. (1968)
Urie, Arthur Conrad. The free man in Christian perspective: critical comparison and evaluation of Norman Brown and Hannah Arendt. (1968)
Alexander, Robert Pattison. From Genesis to noogenesis: toward a theology of nature; a comparison of the Biblical tradition with Teilhard de Chardin (1969)
Brauninger, Dallas Anderson. Process, God, and man: a vision of hope (1969)
Brauninger, Robert Randall. Cultural racism in theological perspective. (1969)
Fink, Karen L. A perspective on healing in pastoral counseling: the experiencing process and the work of the Holy Spirit (1969)
Gamble, Robert Lowell. Problem and person: the homosexual (1969)
Graper, Cleora Mae. Wandering Aramean and flying Greek: the search for an incarnational aesthetic (1969)
Greenwood, Richard. Managing conflict within the church: a style of ministry (1969)
Griffin, Peggy Ann. Communication with fifth and sixth grade justice builders (1969)
Hamm, Kathleen M. The Black P Stone Nation and the book of Revelation: conflict, ministry, and eschatology (1969)
Henry, Thomas R. Telecommunication in celebrative style (1969)
Herman, Shirley. Experiential encounter as a model for pastoral care (1969)
Hurd, Russell C. Realistic prospects for Christian unity (1969)
Juengling, Ruth. Humor: the celebration of the wholeness of man (1969)
Lusk, Ruth Ann. Conscience of human-person task of the three to five year aged child. (1969)
Lusk, Stephen M. The sojourn: youth in quest of identity (1969)
Marsh, Stephen Lafayette. The Western move toward a non-rational, subjective Eastern position (1969)
Morris, Barry Kent. The radicalization process: the push toward qualitative social change via events, ideas, and actors (1969)
Peirce, Stephen W. Premarital sex an the implication for ministry (1969)
Rockwell, Nancy. Prophet and Rebel: a comparison of a theological and an existential approach to man (1969)
Rohde, John Kenneth. Nonviolent revolution (1969)
Schierling, Don. Social consciousness of the General Conference Mennonite Church. (1969)
Schneider, Kent E. Sound and celebration: there's more to sound than meets the ear (1969)
Scott, Donald D. The significance of L.S. Vygotsky for a ministry of education (1969)
Smith, Robert Lee. The church as healthful community (1969)
Timm, Tommy L. Identification of experiences which bring a person to take responsibilityy for social action (1969)
Toshalis, Gerald L. The crisis of commitment: notes on the counseling-ministry to "post-modern" youth (1969)
Wineke, Bill. Proclaiming the news (1969)
Woods, Robert Elsworth. Ministry to younger married couples with special reference tosexual crises (1969)
Zimmerman, Carl A. The theology and social ethics of John C. Bennett (1969)
Albrecht, Janet Russell. Spontaneity: the relationship of creativity and conscience (1970)
Albrecht, William Vincent. Hope as a factor in growth (1970)
Bartlett, N. Warren. Tolstoyean philosophy of nonviolence (1970)
Beck, Robert D. The church as conscience of the state (1970)
Bodwell, John W. Creativity: a basic theological category (1970)
Burkett, Gary L. The counter culture and the Christian community (1970)
Cedar, Robert L. The almost chosen (1970)
Chapin, Mark. Perspectives on the nature and functions of the state: a critical comparison of Hans Morgenthau, Reinhold Niebuhr and Max Weber (1970)
Christensen, Donald. A theology of education for human liberation (1970)
Durrant, Paula. A style of ministry and the process of change (1970)
Enslin, Arnold. Man: body in relation (1970)
Gentry, Bryan Massey. The nation (1970)
Hauman, David Joseph. On revolutionary (1970)
Holley, Charles James. A study of the Lord's Servant in Isaiah: an attempt to explain the use of the term and to define the character and mission of the Servant (1970)
Lewis, William. Double consciousness: an aspect of the Black cultural experience (1970)
Lindskoog, James Arthur. The police as a power factor in American society: a political and theological inquiry (1970)
Loehr, Henry T. The diversity of Protestant ministry (1970)
Marburger, Gary. The minister as an agent for radical change (1970)
McMahill, David R. Enabling decision-making in suburban youth culture (1970)
McMahill, Jane A. The whole person: a mutual challenge for medical and religious professionals (1970)
Munger, Marilee. The power of life as love: a theology of the ultimacy of love as discerned in human experience (1970)
O'Brien, Ronald A. The meaning of remembrance in the Old Testament (1970)
Rennebohm, Craig. The prophetic ministry (1970)
Schlesinger, William D. On the renewal of the seminary: an educational experiment (1970)
Stover, F. Nelson. New directions for religious communities (1970)
Wells, Robert W. Imagining man (1970)
White, David R. Israel and the land (1970)