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B.D Thesis 1920 - 1939

Ford, Frederick Perry. Jesus' estimate of his own personality (1920)
Mercer, Philip. The art of church worship (1920)
Peggs, Frederick. Parables, Jewish and Christian: an approach to the parables of Jesus together with a study of the background and attempted definition of parables (1920)
Schaufusss, Charles. A survey of Monroe Township in Ogle County in the state of Illinois (1920)
Ballensky, James J. Training of ministers in the early colonial period (1921)
Baltzer, Benjamin. Paul the mystic (1921)
Drake, George Bryant. Worship in the church school (1921)
Inglis, Ervine Peter. The attitude of American colonial churches toward war (1921)
Jones, William Henry. God, in the consciousness of the American Negro (1921)
Palmer, Clay Ephraim. Spiritism and some psychological explanations (1921)
Thom, Otto Reinhart. The rise and growth of the American Missionary Association during the period of slavery in Kentucky, Iowa and Kansas (1921)
Tom, Yuk Sam. A survey of the social settlement work in Chicago (1921)
Tominomori, Kyoji. The mythological imagery in the Book of Revelation (1921)
Carnes, Elza Augustus. The attitude of the church toward play (1922)
Catton, William Robert. The Messianic consciousness of Jesus (1922)
Goodwin, Thomas Arthur. The Gospel of John as a collection of sermons (1922)
Keithahn, Ralph Richard. The function of miracles in first century Christianity (1922)
Lineweaver, Thomas Marlow. Symbolism and forms in worship (1922)
Manshardt, Clifford George.The sources of the gospel of Matthew (1922)
Noyce, Ralph Brewster. The correlation of the organized agencies for religious education: on the basis of a study of these agencies in the city of Chicago (1922)
Stallard, Henry Charles. Important changes in the idea of man in American theology (1922)
Tasaki, Kensaku. Moral education in the Japanese family (1922)
Urch, Erwin Joshua. The Gentile sources of Paul's message (1922)
Wolsted, Clarence Edman. The personality of Jesus as an ideal for modern living (1922)
Caldwell, Raymond Thornton. Farm tenancy and the rural church: with special reference to the Middle West (1923)
Maruyama, Yoshinaga. The beginning of Japanese Congregationalism (1923)
Peterson, John. The influence of Confucius upon the domestic, the national, and the religious life of China (1923)
Fletcher, Albert Lee. Jesus and the family (1924)
Snyder, Francis Clark. The reality of the resurrection of Jesus (1924)
Wells, George Anderson. The effects of war upon the religious life of soldiers (1924)
Willcox, Edward Whittmore. The Christian fundamental (1924)
Clark, Paul Haskell. Religious education in a rural community (1925)
Dalzell, Robert. The faith of a modern pastor (1925)
Evans, Wilford Holmes. A comparative study of sin from the psychological angle (1925)
Graf, Stanley Walter. The ethical codes and a new social consciousness (1925)
Marriott, Victor Edward. A college curriculum of religious education (1925)
Michael, Harold LeRoy. Contributions of Brownist Congregationalism to democracy in England and New England (1925)
Niwa, Iwao. Occasion and purpose of the Book of Acts (1925)
Nyrop, Julian Christopher. Early years of the First Congregational Church of Grand Island, Nebraska (1925)
Pritchett, Lester C. A dying church in a growing city (1925)
Rice, Norman Lincoln. The Philippines, home of the Moros (1925)
Sayler, Edward. The use of the motion picture in the church as a means for religious education (1925)
Walker, Henry Hammersley. Hellenistic influences in New Testament Christianity (1925)
Watson, Robert Jones. The personal religion of Jesus and the personal religion of Paul (1925)
Andrews, Mary Edith. The Apocalyptic element in Jewish and New Testament literature (1926)
Bozarth, Howard Perry. A study of the vocational distribution of membership in Chicago churches: to determine the truth or fallacy of the charge that the Protestant church is in body and sympathy a capitalistic institution so as conditions in Chicago are indicative (1926)
Covell, Clarence Lewis. The value of the country newspaper to the community (1926)
DeForest, Jennie Mae. A comparison between the baptismal rites of Paulinism and the mystery cults (1926)
Foster, Virgil Elwood. Worship, a psychological study (1926)
Gray, Vard Vernett. Religious healing in early Christianity and pagan cults (1926)
Hoerner, John Robert. The making of the New Testament (1926)
Hoygard, Thomas Gustaf. Christ's ideal and its influence on modern society (1926)
McKeith, David. The relationship between the church and the Young Men's Christian Association (1926)
Stillwell, Frederick Everett. The evolution of a Chicago parish (1926)
Wilson, Hugh Van Rensselaer. The relation of the ethical movement to modernism (1926)
Banks, Walter Thomas. The religions of the cities of Paul's career (1927)
Brink, Frederick. A historical and ethical evaluation of the Jewish Apocalyptic literature (1927)
Cook, Lindley Jesse. History of the Spiceland, Indiana, Friends Church: a problem in religion and social adjustment (1927)
Corpe, John Franklin. Social relationships between town and country folks (1927)
Goodell, Horace Holbrook. The Boy Scout program as an instrument for religious education (1927)
Held, Frederick Gustave. Mystery religions and early Christianity (1927)
Hester, John Eber. May we still pray to God? (1927)
Leach, Harry Phillip. An account of the Jesuit reductions of Paraguay (1927)
Oshimo, Raymond Kakuichi. The place of religion in disorganized personality (1927)
Riegler, Gordon Arthur. Religious ideas in functional mental disorders (1927)
Rowland, Paul. Education for continuous growth: applied to the teaching of English literature in the secondary schools (1927)
Towne, Howard Roswell. The use of drama in religious education (1927)
Anderson, Howard Stone. The Martin Luther of his correspondence (1928)
Bartter, Alfred Harley. The German Lutheran churches in a study of these churches in relation to social and economic conditions (1928)
Blakeway, Herbert Norris. Religious education between Sundays (1928)
Brehm, William Earl. Worship in the Junior Church School (1928)
Brown, Charles Stafford. The historic relation of drama to religion (1928)
Buran, John Maurice. Jesus' conception of the Kingdom in relation to his social teaching (1928)
Fernandez, Jose G. The mystery-religions: their points of contact with Christianity and the Apostle Paul (1928)
Houser, Charles MacMillan. Contemporary preaching in America: with a brief survey of modern English preaching (1928)
Israel, Charles Wesley. Old age: the role of the state and the church in its care (1928)
Jenkins, Joseph Henry. The task of the church in a rooming house district (1928)
Johnson, Herman Clifford. The psychological background of the doctrine of grace (1928)
Kingdon, Robert Wells. The development of John Wesley's social gospel (1928)
Richards, William Arthur. The origins of Paul's mysticism (1928)
Wellman, Carl August. Relation between early Christianity and the mystery religions (1928)
Wylie, Theodore Thomas. The problem and practice of worship in a Chicago church parish (1928)
Baird, Robert Samuel. Religious education and prospective home-makers (1929)
Barber, Raymond Walker. The idea of personality in God (1929)
Dreier, Nelson C. The fundamental requirements made of a minister (1929)
Janes, Harold Theodore. The resurrection of Jesus in light of the mystery religions (1929)
Kemper, Robert Chatfield. Protestant churches and Prohibition (1929)
Langenes, John David. The prayer life of Jesus (1929)
MacNair, Everett Wilmer. Value in Perry and Dewey and its implication for religion (1929)
Nakamura, Saburo. The development of William Adams Brown's system of theology (1929)
Perrin, Jesse Fenn. Preaching in South Dakota Congregational churches (1929)
Platt, Ferry Luther. The Christian doctrine of man and the physiological psychologists (1929)
Rehn, Alexander. Salvation according to the mystery religions and Christianity (1929)
Smith, Ivan Robert. The purpose of Luke-Acts (1929)
Stearns, John Frye. Bogomilism: the great Bulgarian heresy (1929)
Sterling, Donald Melvin. The place of the Hebrew prophets in the modern pulpit (1929)
Stowell, Allen Russell. The social and political ideas of Hugh Latimer (1929)
Stylianou, Demetrios. Byzantine writers on the Bogomils (1929)
Trickey, Rueben Robert. Religious institutions in Watertown, South Dakota (1929)
Vlastos, Gregory. Human values and the physical universe (1929)
Walker, Albert Clarke. A practical evaluation of the larger parish (1929)
Winn, Edgar Homer. Activities of Stephen Peet in Wisconsin from 1837-1845 (1929)
Wright, Byron Bentley. Early Congregationalism and Lenten observance in Congregational Churches in Illinois, (1929)
Brewster, Charles Tredick. The theology of Dr. George A. Gordon (1930)
Cowling, Ira Ellis. The church of a changing community (1930)
Gedcke, Lawrence Addison. Factors conditioning the Evangelical Churches in the inner city of Chicago. (1930)
Giersbach, Walter Charles. The attitude of the church toward labor (1930)
Hatcher, Harold Overton. Religion in the Loop (1930)
Howard, Edwin Rollo. The miracles in the Gospel of John (1930)
Huntington, Seth Rowan. The Eucharist in early Christianity (1930)
Jones, Guy Chester. The use of drama in the church (1930)
Kawachi, Kensuke. Recent psychological study of prayer, conversion and mysticism (1930)
Matthews, Harold Shepard. Dr. Sun Yat Sen and his three principles for the people (1930)
May, Herbert Gordon. The commentary of Dionysius Bar Salibi on the book of Amos (1930)
Nelson, Raymond Edward. The church and juvenile delinquency (1930)
Pletch, Earl Emerson. Rural-urban factors affecting the life of the Evangelical Church in Ontario (1930)
Richards, Waldo Sumner. The nature and place of faith in the religion of John Calvin (1930)
Roth, Rudolph W. A study of contemporary preaching (1930)
Scheibe, Durbin Clyde. A year's program of drama for the church (1930)
Tate, William Alexander. The main trends in French Catholic modernism (1930)
Tenhopen, Lawrence Edward. Stoicism in the gospel of John (1930)
Trumbo, Eunice. The relation of the gospel of John and the mystery religions (1930)
Vance, George Clifford. A village church in a changing community. (1930)
Veit, Ralph. Religious drama in England before Shakespeare (1930)
Wagner, Oscar Walter. A study of the Evangelical confirmation: suggesting a new method (1930)
Young, Ezra Porter. A comparison of the religious and educational values of the play and the pageant (1930)
Vlastos, Gregory. Human values and the physical universe (1925)
Bierbaum, Milton Andrew. Ethical standards and incentives in humanism (1931)
Butts, Nannie. The eschatology of Judaism and the fourth gospel (1931)
Caskey, James Stillman. Jonathan Edwards' "Catalogue" (1931)
Gardner, John Ashworth. Neo-Platonic elements in Cudworth and Edwards (1931)
Harris, Emerson Wesley. Christianity and morale (1931)
Hyslop, Frederick William. The religion of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1931)
King, Joseph Ferguson. Liberalizing tendencies in New England theology: a study of religious thought from Edwards to Channing (1931)
Marshall, Millard Harley. Pope Leo XIII (1931)
Mizoguchi, Yasuo. Toyohiko Kagawa's religion (1931)
Otto, Violet Lucille. Standards of judgment for the selection of hymn tunes: together with a critical study of the tunes in the Methodist hymnal (1931)
Rasche, Robert LaFollette. An aid to worship for non-liturgical churches (1931)
Ringe, Frederick William. A study of fifteen churches in relation to the problem of worship (1931)
Schulz, Ormy Albertus. Suggested recreation materials for the leaders of young people in the city church (1931)
Caskey, James Stillman. Jonathan Edwards' "Catalogue". (1931)
Baxter, Nelson Irving. Matthew Arnold and modern preaching (1932)
Bissey, Charles Joseph. Promoting the social gospel through worship (1932)
Curry, Gilbert Houston. From Paul to John in the church at Ephesus (1932)
Dewey, Kirk Martin. A proposed program for the First Congregational Church of Oak Lawn, Illinois (1932)
Drew, George Elbert. Developing and preaching higher levels of religion (1932)
Grobel, William Kendrick. The ethics of Paul and its tributaries (1932)
Kato, Kenji. Sovereignty of God versus sovereignty of man: a historical study of American religious thought (1932)
Lawrence, Glenford W. Training immigrant workers for participation in the control of social forces which effect their well-being (1932)
Malaiperuman, Swartz David. Christian syncretism in the religion of Mahatma Gandhi (1932)
Maxwell, Henry Faville. The underlying causes for the rise of the school of Antioch (1932)
Mayne, Joseph Quentin. Paul and the mystery religions (1932)
Mead, James Clair. Creative dramatics for the junior department of the church school (1932)
Parker, Charles Franklin. A study of the process of constituency depletion: as illustrated in the First Congregational Church Woodstock, McHenry County, Illinois (1932)
Parr, Clarence Elmer. Six dramatic services of worship (1932)
Rice, Vernon Waldo. Homiletic material from the life of Gandhi (1932)
Samuel, Vairanapillai Mathuramuthu. The religion of Mahatma Gandhi (1932)
Stoltzfus, Benjamin Franklin. The American farmer's effort to help himself (1932)
Thomas, George Monroe. New methods of pastoral work (1932)
Upton, Walter Horace. History of the Edwards Congregational Church of Davenport, Iowa (1932)
Bentley, Robert Athey. The Indian Nationalist movement as a case of rural-urban conflict (1933)
Dalrymple, Homer Ellett. The second coming of Jesus (1933)
Egbert, Miles Curtis. The transformation of human suffering (1933)
Hall, Fred Howard. The relation of supernaturalism to the gospel miracles (1933)
Kroehler, Henry George. A preliminary study for evaluating junior lesson materials (1933)
Lenters, Sam Theodore. The place of religious drama in modern Protestant worship (1933)
Lyon, Ellsworth. The effect of urban forces upon the religious life of Homer Township: a socio-religious survey of a rural area, Homer Township, Will County, Illinois (1933)
Mallory, Paul William. A prophetic ministry for today (1933)
Reimer, Clarence Charles. Retreats (1933)
Schuldt, Victor Vincent. American social organization seen through the writings of Lincoln Steffens (1933)
Sides, Joseph Calvin. A rural-urban community during a period of depression (1933)
Steiner, Richard Morrow. The ethical outlook of our times as revealed by the characters in the dramas of Eugene O'Neill (1933)
Stowe, Clayton Harold. The function of the aesthetic in religion (1933)
Van Luven, Philip Edward. Beginnings of Congregationalism in Nebraska (1933)
Wagner, Jacob Richard. Jewish and Hellenistic ethics in the fourth gospel (1933)
Walters, Verdette. A study of power in the life of Albert Schweitzer (1933)
Ward, Joseph. England's attitude toward Roman Catholicism: a discussion of toleration (1933)
Warkentin, Jacob M. The analysis of the supporting and non-supporting elements of a religious community center (1933)
Weafer, Eugene Clyde. The function of reason in religion (1933)
Wilcox, Clyde H. The influence of the Bible upon Longfellow and Whittier (1933)
Avery, Perry Dickinson. Onward meets the neighborhood men (1934)
Gray, Arthur Douglass. The characteristics of the gospel of Luke (1934)
Hazelton, Roger. The conception of the authority of the church in Roman Catholic moderninsm (1934)
Helliwell, George Plummer. The church as a factor in assimilation (1934)
Hulbert, Richard Rollins. The church and the small-town newspaper (1934)
Maggart, Gerald Edwin. The Humanist-Theist controversy (1934)
Riedel, Wesley Ubo. The mysticism of Friedrich von Hügel (1934)
Stoerker, Theodor Frederick. Possible contributions of the church to adolescent development (1934)
Williams, Daniel Day. The function of theology in the church (1934)
Williams, Stephen James. Social ideals of Francis Greenwood Peabody (1934)
Anderson, James John. Congregationalism moves to Illinois, 1817-1844 (1935)
Bartlett, Charles Frederick. The leadership problem in Protestant churches (1935)
Berry, John Walter. An analysis of religious regionalism in the United States: with special reference to Chicago (1935)
Booch, Harold Leo. Mysticism and the problem of authority (1935)
Brown, James Wiley. The preaching values in pacifism: as expressed in the views of Leo Tolstoy, Bertrand Russell, Mohandas K. Gandhi, John Haynes Holmes (1935)
Cram, Harold Franklin. The Ritschlian Christology: its background and influence (1935)
Crockett, Barney Clyde. An unadapted church (1935)
Davidson, Floyd Quentin. Prayer as reverent objective thinking (1935)
Davis, Wilfrid Grenfell. Christianity and nationalism (1935)
Houge, S. Marcus. Preaching and freedom (1935)
Hughes, Clarence Fosberg. The idea of revelation in the theologies of Schleiermacher and Ritschl (1935)
Jacobs, Henry Lee. The Calvinistic-Puritan pattern in American ecclesiastical and political thought, 1620-1833 (1935)
Jacobs, William Arthur. A study of social changes in Walworth, Wisconsin from 1890-(1935) : its implication for a program in the Congregational Church (1935)
Lewis, Ralph. Negro delinquency and amateur dramatics (1935)
McConnell, Russell Hicks. Elements of Stoicism in the letters of Paul and the fourth gospel (1935)
Mixon, John Lewis. The institutional church (1935)
Penn, George William. The minister's use of drama (1935)
Pratt, William David. Some aspects of New England theology as revealed in the New Englander magazine from 1843 to 1862 (1935)
Render, Frank Wyatt. Problems of social adjustment among migrant Negro youths (1935)
Spence, Willard. The eschatology of St. Paul (1935)
Steakley, Ray Selvidge. Paul Elmer More: the Platonic tradition in Christianity (1935)
Stoyanoff, Kroum. The difference between Eastern and Western theology (1935)
Titus, Palakunnathu Matthew. The idea of God in theistic naturalism (1935)
Anderson, Stuart Longfellow. John Wesley and early American Methodism (1936)
Bloomquist, Paul William. Ralph Waldo Emerson and his contributions to preaching (1936)
Churchill, Gerald Clark. Aids to worship from modern literature (1936)
Eisenach, George. The theological schools of German Congregationalism (1936)
Frazier, Cecil Earl. Hellenistic symbolism as portrayed in the fourth gospel (1936)
Graham, Walter Henry. A study of the case histories of twenty young people in a disintegrated area (1936)
Greene, Shirley Edward. Liberal theology and human need: an essay in the survival of liberalism (1936)
Gregory, William Edgar. Remaking religious rituals (1936)
Groetsma, Frederic. Conscience: a re-statement of its origin (1936)
Halfaker, William Leroy. The modern preacher's use of the fourth gospel (1936)
Jackman, Lora Marguerite. Ritual-drama of the ancient east, the old testament Hebrews and the early Christian church (1936)
Kwock, Charles M. C. A comparative study of Confucianism and American humanism (1936)
Masselink, Bruce Herschel. The parallel elements in the Mystery religions and Christianity (1936)
Moore, William Hoyt. Christian ways to salvation (1936)
Nordstrom, Nels Francis. Social interpretations of modern democracy: a study of Dr. Graham Taylor's Daily News editorials (1936)
Ouellette, Edward Fifield. The Church and the co-operative movement (1936)
Putney, Harold William. The dramatic elements in the gospel of Mark (1936)
Sheldon, Keenan. Significant teaching in passages peculiar to Luke (1936)
Smith, Walter A. A study of a rural parish in a prairie community (1936)
Vos, Peter. The development and modification of a religious sect-the Mennonites (1936)
Weage, Avery Dudley. The churches and Populism: a study of the attitude of American Protestant churches toward Populism (1936)
Widenhouse, Philip Monroe. An evaluation of the contributions of H. Paul Douglass in the understanding of the Protestant urban church (1936)
Beers, Samuel Gould. Religion and reform as illustrated in the lives and work of Theodore Dwight Weld and William Lloyd Garrison (1937)
Blair, Margaret S. The growth and influence of purpose in the life of Henry George (1937)
Blossom, Chauncey Edward. Christian perfection in America from 1830 to 1860 (1937)
Bourne, Donald Stitzel. Nicholas Berdyaev : his concept of freedom of the spirit (1937)
Brown, Charles Mackinnon. The church and the cooperative movement (1937)
Cannon, Ross R. The American Revival, 1800-1840 (1937)
Dickey, Paul Gilman. A study of the church life of Des Plaines, Illinois, 1935-1936 (1937)
Fairman, Henry Butler. The Mandean literature: its relation to the study of the New Testament (1937)
French, Herbert Porter. A study of week-day religious education in a local community (1937)
Gressley, Minor McKinley. A study of the first Congregational Church of Denmark, Iowa (1937)
Humber, W. J. An exposition and criticism of the writings of Nicholas Berdyaev (1937)
Lee, Carleton Lafayette. An aspect of religious life in the culture of Liberty County, Georgia (1937)
Marsh, Thomas H. Religious beliefs of college students (1937)
Marshfield, George Washington. The church and the youth of today (1937)
Milford, Homer Carter. The religion of Robert Louis Stevenson: as seen through his life and his works (1937)
Nicholson, Harry. Finding God through worship (1937)
Parsons, Horace Wells. The development of Congregationalism in South Dakota, 1868-1928 (1937)
Pearce, John Winston. The concept of God in Browning (1937)
Peterson, James Alfred. The religious values in the plays of Maxwell Anderson (1937)
Rasmussen, Albert Terrill. An experimental basis for religious ethics (1937)
Sarles, Phillip William. Frank Wakely Gunsaulus, preacher and citizen (1937)
Shold, C. Henry. The ethics of Clement of Alexandria (1937)
Troyer, William Lewis. Methods of studying change in the message of the churches (1937)
Vidoloff, Zaprian Dimitroff. The theology of the Bulgarian Bogomils (1937)
Watson, William Thomas. The healing power of Jesus (1937)
Wellbaum, Dale Robert. Figures of speech and symbolism in the fourth gospel (1937)
Wigfield, G. Dewey. A study of four contemporary preachers: Conrad, Fosdick, Holmes, and Newton (1937)
Wilson, R. Norris. An exposition and criticism of the philosophy of Rudolph Eucken (1937)
Arendt, Eric Harthan. The Quakers: a study of Quakerism as a part of the Protestant movement (1938)
Beale, Merrill. Paul's idea of a church as revealed by the situation in Corinth (1938)
Bennett, James Gordon. The validity and value of concepts of the Kingdom of God (1938)
Carlson, Leland Henry. Presbyterian policies and tactics from the Westminster Assembly to the Protectorate (1938)
Freeman, Elmer Stone. The Lord's Supper in Protestantism (1938)
French, David G. The theological presuppositions underlying the social attitudes of contemporary Protestant churches (1938)
Gill, Clayton Harold. The field worker and social observation (1938)
Harvey, William James. The growth of the Lord's Supper in the first century A.D. (1938)
Hyslop, Ralph Douglas. Reform and reunion: a study in oecumenical theology (1938)
McCall, Clarence Field. Hellenistic features in Paul's religion (1938)
Rekstad, Harold Paul. Religion on the radio (1938)
Spindell, Verne Alva. The religious world in which Jesus lived (1938)
Stem, Charles Herbert. Human nature: problems considered and solutions suggested by contemporary American theologians (1938)
Tate, Marian Keefer. Problems in planning and presenting worship programs for the junior child in the church school (1938)
Wolfe, Elmo Donald. A contribution to the history of the National Council on Religion in Higher Education (1938)
Yinger, Homer Vincent. Was Luther's doctrine of justification by faith a repristination of Paulinism? (1938)
Baillie, Arlan Andrew. The contribution of John Cotton to early American Congregationalism (1939)
Bousman, Gary Alfred. A study of religious life in Brookfield, Illinois (1939)
Dalrymple, Merrill John Allen. Jesus and the Pharisees (1939)
Duffendack, Geil Harriet. A comparative study of the interpretation of human nature: according to contemporary theologians and religious educators (1939)
Edgar, Robert A. Miracles of the New Testament paralleled in classical literature (1939)
Evans, Donald Robert. Congregationalism in Kansas, 1854-1900 (1939)
Folino, Paul Joseph. Religious knowledge and the transcendence of God in contemporary theology (1939)
Galloway, Lloyd. The growth of Paul's ethics (1939)
Gordon, Harry B. The life of Dr. William E. Barton (1939)
Harshfield, Monroe Clark. Salvation in 1939 (1939)
Jordan, Thatcher Moore. Creative worship in the modern church (1939)
Kranz, Francis Emil. Jewish and Greek ideas in the gospel of John (1939)
Linden, Earl Enoch Gustaf. Preaching of the early New England Congregationalists (1939)
Mickle, John Charles. Gambling and the church (1939)
Seim, Kenneth Edward. Antecedents of Christian baptism (1939)
Sorensen, Everett Leighton. 192 Cross currents in American preaching: a study of the theology in the sermons of four American preachers (1939)
Stiefel, Carl Frederick. Despair: its antecedents, schematization and dissolution (1939)
Workentine, Frank Harry. A year and a half in my first pastorate, Forks, Washington (1939)